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Portuguese company active in legislation for cosmetics, medical devices, food supplements, biocides and chemical substances is looking for industrial partners. Services agreements are offered.

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Portuguese company is specialised in legalisation for cosmetics, medical devices, food supplements, biocides and chemicals substances. The Portuguese team ensure that products comply with regulations and quality standards, across different markets, in order to legalize products, saving their partners ‘money and time to market. Service agreements are offered to industrial partners who are producing in the areas of cosmetics, food supplements, biocides, medical devices and chemicals.



Portuguese company is a regulatory and technical company specialized in the areas of cosmetics, medical devices, food supplements, biocides products and on the application of the Regulation (EC) N. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006 and Regulation (EC) N. 1272/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2008. Based in the center region of Portugal, the company provide their services in Portugal and worldwide.

The Portuguese company primes for quality and excellence of their services, ensuring the satisfaction of their partners. They seek to be epitomised by their passion, integrity, entrepreneurialism and innovative spirit.

The services provided by the Portuguese company help to respond to the legal obligation in the most possible efficient, economic and swiftly.
In order to ensure the interests of their partners, the company follows techniques and digital formats with current information, with the main objective to getting partners ‘products into the market.

The main services provided are as follows: help access diferent markets efficiently, labelling compliance and translation, product information file, safety assessment report, quality management systems, products notification, quality control, among others needs the requirements of their partners.
The multidisciplinary team can offer an all in one solution for the market access and regulatory compliance.

The Portuguese company believes that they have all the conditions needed to attract foreign partners, and that a services agreement with industrial partners would lead to professional and financial growth from both sides.
Service agreements are offered to industrial partners who are producing in the areas of cosmetics, food supplements, biocides, medical devices and chemicals.

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Distinction, quality and rigor combined with an exception service are the basis of the Portuguese company relationship with their clients and partners. The Portuguese company´ team have a close relationship with customers, providing all the necessary information and always attempt to provide the best solutions to specific problems. Composed of professionals from different backgrounds, the Portuguese company provides an all in one solution for regulatory compliance and market placement across Europe and other countries. They are a young, dynamic and highly qualified professional team, seeking new solutions for future needs. The team is composed of staff related to the area of pharmacy, biochemistry, health and jurist. Their prices are fair and competitive comparing with those of the competing companies, because they focus on their client´s needs and requirements to find the optimum solution, keeping the strategy and success of their partners in their sights. The Portuguese company make use of the best and most advanced technologies for communication with their partners, in order to keep good relationships based on mutual trust and confidence. The Portuguese company ensures that they partners’ products comply with all regulations and quality standards.

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The partners sought are industry partners, specialized in manufacturing in the following areas of activity: - Cosmetics - Medical devices - Biocidal - Food supplements - Chemicals These partners, when introducing their products on the market, are obliged to comply with certain rules and regulations. The Portuguese company offers services agreement to these partners, in order to support the entry of their products into the market.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250