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Portuguese company offers a partnership agreement over a user experience benchmarking solution for mobile network operators, telecom service providers and/or regulators.

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Portuguese company specialised in wireless communication and solutions for Internet of Things is offering services or joint-venture agreement, or to be subcontracted for a user experience benchmarking solution for mobile network operators, telecom regulators and service providers. The solution is pre-5G ready and currently available. The company is looking for partners to help establish and secure business contracts.



A Portuguese company with a team of experts with over 20 years of expertise in the field of telecommunications, software programming and database professional solution implementations. It is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the information and communication technologies area, with products awarded by the Portuguese Government.

The company is also involved in international cooperation with partners in 16 countries. International cooperation is being achieved in the scope of commercial agreements and in the scope of international research projects, such as: H2020 MONROE (www.monroe-project.eu), H2020 FLEX (www.flex-project.eu) and H2020 WISHFUL (www.wishful-project.eu).

The company developed a user experience benchmarking solution that can be used by mobile network operators (MNOs), telecom regulators and telecom service providers. The solution is composed by radio probes and an associated analytic tool.

The probes, designed and developed by the company, behave like and have the capabilities of a mobile phone. They can be remotely accessed and can operate both in mobile environments (in non-dedicated vehicles, such as taxis/public or private transportation), and static environments (such as shopping malls, stadiums, public or private buildings, or residences), allowing a continuous measurement of key parameters (network and user apps) without need for dedicated field personnel.

The analytic tool enables the scheduling of new measurements in the probes, collects and stores the data reported by the probes, uses Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) to estimate user experience (UX) for voice and video, and big data analytics and deep machine learning to foresee/predict mobile network behaviours.

Overall, the solution provides valuable insights for a mobile network operator, as it will help them gain operational efficiency, generate revenue, support strategic business decisions and provide meaningful experience for subscribers. Regulatory authorities and telecom service providers will obtain, through it, reliable information on existing commercial mobile networks and associated subscriber’s experience.

The company seeks business partners interested in one or more of the 3 types of possible partnership types: (i) Partners interested in supporting further improvements of product development through a joint venture or partnering agreement; (ii) Partners able to help, through procurement, in the establishment of contacts with abroad mobile network operators, telecom service providers or regulators, through a services agreement or by means of a subcontract, and; (iii) Partners willing to assist the deployment in Asian markets (especially in Japan) of the solution through a joint venture, services agreement or through a subcontract.

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In the next generation mobile network’s 5G vision, user experience is defined by a set of user-perceived and service-dependent experience metrics (e.g., data rate/throughput, latency) delivered consistently across time and service footprint. In this context, the 5G network will be Quality of Experience (QoE) -aware which will rise the need for continuous real-time measurement of user experience. The current model of radio network monitoring based on periodic drive tests will not be sufficient in the 5G era. Therefore, highly precise measurement radio probes, capable of measuring/monitoring mobile network and user apps Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are seen as a business opportunity. Through remote and automated scheduling of new measurements in radio probes, the offered solution is able to collect diverse amounts of network related data. These data are then subject to big data analysis and deep machine learning algorithms to estimate user experience (based on mean opinion scores estimated from objective measurements, such as latency, throughput and other network statistics) and foresee/predict mobile network behaviours. The collected measurements have, for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), an immense potential to be used by Self Organizing Networks (SON) strategies. Furthermore, the offered solution can provide QoE estimations for voice and video quality analysis. All results are provided in an easy to understand manner in a user-friendly dashboard. The company has been developing the technology for the last 2 years, and is now in its 2nd generation of probes. Initial field tests have been performed with over 3 million measurements in two different cities - Lisboa and Castelo Branco. A team of 5 engineers (3 PhDs and 2 MScs) is responsible for the development.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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The company is looking for commercial expertise to further improve the product capabilities, especially with knowhow and presence in the Asian (Japanese) market, and/or technical expertise in advanced audio and video user quality of experience (QoE) estimation for 4G and pre-5G, software programming (Python, Java/Javascript, C++, Android), or hardware design (single board computer).

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Field tested/evaluated

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The company is interested in business partners that are willing to further improve their product. This can be either by means of technical or financial inputs, through a joint venture agreement. Partners able to facilitate, through procurement, contacts with abroad mobile network operators, telecom service providers or telecom regulators towards successful business contracts through services agreement or subcontracting, and/or partners interested to assist, through a joint venture agreement or services agreement, in the deployment, in Japan (and other Asian markets), of the solution.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500