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Portuguese company offers subcontracting of their decision-making services to companies in the tourism sector

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Travel agencies and services
Other consumer services (including photo processing)
Business and other management consultancy activities
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A Portuguese hospitality and tourism consulting company provides specialized services, offering data-based services to destinations and businesses and providing clients with market insights, data-driven decision-making tools and in-depth knowledge about their travellers, guests or visitors. The company is now looking for new partners, presenting new opportunities for projects implementation, under subcontracting agreements.



The Portuguese company, founded in 2016, use user-generated data from travellers in search engines, booking engines, social media, telecom providers and other sources, integrating them to produce insights highly relevant and actionable for their clients and data-driven decision-making systems.
“Destination” clients obtain insights for alignment of urban planning, sector regulation and investment attraction strategies in order to create favorable environments for top performing businesses to strive.
Traveller satisfaction and destination reputation are monitored, real-time compliance alerts are generated and promotional tools are activated to deliver highly relevant content to the right demand profile.
“Business” clients obtain detailed insights on their consumer journey with signalized opportunities of engagement, identifying the most adequate media and content for the purpose. Moreover, the digital footprint of the traveler is subject to a psychometric analysis for in depth profiling of the personas beyond the general socio-demographic attributed commonly made available by sector authorities.

The company is supported by talent from backgrounds such as tourism, linguistics, data science and communication with international careers, partners with leading IT brands of the hospitality industry and always keeps an eye on sustainability on each project it undertakes.

Focused on their business growth strategy, the company is now looking for new partners and new projects worldwide, including hotel groups, municipal tourism planning departments, urban planning initiatives, and travel consultancy companies looking to use their data-driven services under a subcontracting agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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By developing products and communication solutions for its clients, based on the research of user-generated data, companies have their decision-making supported by spontaneous, genuine and open feedback from its clients and its competitors clients. By knowing their travellers in depth and monitoring their agent’s performances it is possible to follow their reputation in the market. It is a more cost-efficient and dynamic-in-time alternative to the “shoot-and-forget” surveys of closed response. The user-generated data used is public (free of privacy constrains) and free.

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The company delivers to their client's data-driven decision-making systems which use a wide variety of data, to offer an accurate and timely description of the tourism activity, a prediction of likely events and scenarios and a prescription adequate actions to meet the clients’ goals. Data sources such as GDS – Global Distribution Systems, telecom operators, search engines, online travel agencies, social media, ticketing, point of sale and property management systems are among the most commonly used in its projects.

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Already on the market

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Intended partners include hospitality companies, tourism agencies, municipalities, and tourism marketing consultancies, who need access to large volume data-driven services under a subcontracting agreement.

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University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE