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Portuguese company seeks distributors for processed fish products

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The Portuguese company is a deep-frozen cod processing company with technical knowledge for about 30 years. Codfish is processed according to the customer's requirements and the target market's demands. The company is looking for partners to commercialize the products under a distribution services agreement and can adapt the product image and brand depending on the requirements of the different markets.



The Portuguese company has started in 2011 processing and marketing frozen products (namely fish), having the founders 30 years of experience in processing frozen products.
The company works in partnership with suppliers that have been in the market for many years, maintaining the quality and characteristics of the products, as faithfully as possible to the ideals of quality and appearance.

The company receives from its suppliers the whole frozen cod with offal.
After receiving the fish, the company proceed to its scale, placing the fish in maturation with salt. This process is done in vats, remaining in a salt bed, stored in a temperature chamber of 4-5ºC. Then the fish is washed, dried (if needed) and goes into the cutting phase. The company has several machines, allowing different types of cuts.
After that, the cod is desalted to reach the desired salinity point (the company has the capability to adapt / adjust the salt level of the fish to the preferences of each market).
Depending on the market type (niche or large scale), the sanitization can be done by post (storing in 2kg bags, on pallets or in bulk).
The packaging is done in packages with certificate for the food industry (HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

The company is currently present in three international market, Brazil (representing around 50% of its turnover), Poland and Ukraine. As they have spare capacity, they are looking to expand into new international markets and are looking for distributors with specialised knowledge and experience of selling fish products to supermarkets, HoReCa sectors, as well as to industry. The company may offer exclusivity on a particular market to the right partner.

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At an economic level, the Portuguese company is very competitive in relation to quality / price, all thanks to the fact that all processing is carried out in a traditional way, without the use of large machines. The whole product is handled by people and handled with special attention to all parameters in order to deliver to the customer the best that the sea has to offer. The existing machinery allows quality control, but the process is not fully industrial to not miss the traditional factor of cod preparation. The company has the following machines available: freezing and cooling chambers, scale machine, calibrator (for laying, for whole fish and for dried fish), drying tunnels (-40ºC - creates ice so it will not dry out and to protect), glazing machines and sanitizing machines. From the purchase to the production and shipment, the product is free of any kind of chemical additive, always with concern about the consumer. The company is sustainable, reusing the fish waste for other activities.

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The Portuguese company is looking for distribution services agreements (exclusive or non-exclusive). Distributors or retailers should have specialized knowledge and experience in the market for food products, with a special emphasis in frozen fish and seafood at the industry, HoReCa markets (hotels, restaurants) and /or retail channels (eg. supermarkets). For niche markets, the company can supply small quantities of fish. For large distribution, the company expects large-scale distribution (through pallets and / or containers).

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SME 11-50,R&D Institution,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500