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Portuguese company specialized in the design and production of clothing and accessories is looking for commercial agents and/or distributors for their fashion products

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Creative products
Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)


The Portuguese fashion brand designs, produces and sells clothing and accessories. Focused on the development of products with a story behind it, it is able to give a new life to everything that may be considered national heritage: from historical facts, art, landscapes, buildings, to tales and stories, turning it into wearable products, generating exclusive and wants to establish partnerships with commercial agents and/or distributors.



The Portuguese company aims that its brand always tells a story, a meaning, a craft, a fabric or a pattern intended to send a message or perpetuate a legacy. Clothes can be timeless and they are a way to communicate.

The company produces clothing and accessories, mostly directed for women such as skirts, dresses, tops, purses, clutches and scarves. For men, produces scarves and ties. Favoring the use of natural fibers as cotton, silk, modal and rayon, some of company’ products include handmade hem, trimmings and embroidery, making them unique and timeless. As the price depends on the manufacturing process and the materials used, its products are intended for all types of customers who value history, origins and quality of each product.

In a present moment, where fashion brands are pushing the consumer to buy, having up to 24 collections per year instead of the traditional 2 (spring/summer and autumn/winter), people are buying what they don’t need and using each garment less times, reducing its life span. If the customer establishes a relation with the product, they will use it more often and pay extra care to its condition. And that relation may be an emotional one with what it represents, valuing the handcraft production process and its impact in the society or by contributing to a particular cause, financially or drawing attention to it.

Other of the company ‘beliefs is that heritage and culture should be preserved, valued and disseminated. And there are different things within what may be the definition of heritage, like traditions, architecture, painting, crafts, and other expressions of art. But there is other thing that it considers a national heritage and that is commonly forgotten – the companies: their history, activities and persons, technological evolution, products and impact on society over the years are a historical legacy that must be preserved and remembered.

Finally, it believes in new ways for companies, foundations and governments to communicate and engage with new consumers and clients.
By sharing their stories through clothing, in a structured, truthful and creative way, and with the rigorous curation, historical research and exclusive products, these organizations are able to share their stories, purposes and values to consumers, making them part of their “team” and enrolling worldwide ambassadors for their brands.

In its few years of activity, the Portuguese company has been able to prove the effectiveness of this approach by working with Portuguese national clients, and is now looking for partnerships to scale this project and spread it around the world. The Portuguese company is looking to establish partnerships with commercial agents and/or distributors abroad.

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The Portuguese company founded in 2013, has specialized in the development of its own patterns, teaming up with illustrators, photographers, craftsmen and other artists. With all its products made in Portugal, the company aims at giving a new life to everything that may be considered national heritage: historical facts, art, landscapes, buildings, tales and stories, turning it into wearable products and leading people to share this heritage around the world. Foundations, services and industrial corporations, local and national governments found that developing clothing would be an effective way to bring up the value of their assets (brands, products, stories, and legacy) and share them with potential consumers in an innovative way. The Portuguese company researches, writes the story, draws the patterns and produces co-branded and exclusive garments directly for the private client or to sell them in its own distributor network. Allying technological and innovative materials with handcraft processes, it brings sustainability to a different level, adding to social and environmental concerns the preservation of intangible heritage, either by not forgetting it or by making it known. By also connecting the consumer to a story, it generates an emotional relation with each garment, causing it to be used often and thus increasing its estimated life span. Having its own historical and industrial processes research team and being able to work worldwide, it is able to provide a unique service to corporate clients that want their story and legacy told through new media supports, namely clothing and accessories.

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Apparel compliant with some European markets, able to suit other international requirements, namely regarding package and label translations; Ability to have different product features, using natural, organic or recycled fibers, handmade or industrial processes, etc.; Ability to produce original patterns, having a team of illustrators, designers and copywriters, and being able to generate products with proprietary IPR; Fully certified outsourced suppliers.

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Already on the market

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The Portuguese company is looking for international partners to distribute their fashion products and/ or represent the brand in international markets, namely apparel distributors; apparel wholesalers and fashion brand representatives.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500