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Portuguese company specialized in street furniture, coatings and pavements is looking for commercial and distributions agreements

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Portuguese group of companies founded in 1973 in the central region of Portugal and constituted by prefabricated concrete and stone compounding industries. These industries develop innovative technical solutions for coatings and street furniture. They include 4 distinct industrial brands. The company is seeking for foreign partners to act as distributors and/or commercial agents.



The Portuguese company, established in 1973 and located in the central region of Portugal, acts in the urban and private design sector, developing solutions through partnerships with designers, architects and other stakeholders.
Their team consists of 60 employees and currently the facilities occupy an area of 50,000 square meters, with a covered area of 17,000 square meters.
The group’s main objectives are investment in R&D and sustainable production, with social and ecological responsibility.
With a very responsive design strategy, they strive to meet regulations and needs in terms of mobility and accessibility, with the goal of anticipating and responding to the challenge of greater social inclusion.
This brand provides support to school and vocational training, through their internship protocols and also offers furniture to causes, such as chalkboards to day-cares. They also have a new project named “communities project” that aims to support three institutions each year by offering them recovered equipment. This project also has online promotion on the website, social networks and press.
The company has four distinct brands:
- Development of urban furniture product lines and specific solutions for landscape architecture projects. Some examples are seats, tables, flower boxes and water fountains. They also do custom-made projects, with special dimensions, inclusion of specific materials, custom paintings, differentiated finishes, inclusion of lightning and technology, among others.
This brand includes some projects done in collaboration with architects, such as, Óscar Knoblich, Mónica Kalman, Camilo Cortesão and many others.
- Development of standard and customized products for application in private indoor and outdoor spaces, such as garden furniture, barbecue facilities, decorative stones, among others;
- Development of reconstituted stone products for public and private floor and wall coverings applications, for example, pools and slip resistant stone;
- Production of hydraulic mosaic for exterior floors of public and private spaces, such as Portuguese “calçada” and tactile pavements.
The entire product line includes a wide choice of different colors and sizes.
The company also created a variety of detergents and surface-protection products suitable for its product line.
They are already present in the international market and are now looking to reach out to new markets and new international partners. They seek foreign partners to distribute their products in other countries and/or act as commercial agents, with interest in signing a commercial agency agreement or a distribution agreement. These partners will represent and promote the brand and help sell the company products in foreign countries.

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This company specializes in creating creative, practical and affordable solutions adjustable to every customer's needs. They have over 45 years of experience, having a broad portfolio of work carried out. Environment and social responsibility are the major issues for this company and therefore they strive for sustainable and environmentally friendly production. The raw materials used in the production process are of great quality. Continuous product improvement combined with the high experience and technical skills of its human resources enables the company to be highly efficient and responsive to each and every customer. The company is certified by ISO 9001:2015, NP EN 15285:2010 and NP EN 13748 - 2:2013, which demonstrates the high quality of all the products manufactured.

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The company is looking for long-term partnerships (commercial agency and distribution services agreements) with distributors or agents, to promote the commercialization and distribution of the products in other countries. The potential partners should have a very high know-how of this kind of products. The potential partners will be able to transmit effectively the high quality and advantages of the product offered and are expected to represent and help sell the company products.

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SME 11-50