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Portuguese consultancy company, specialist in recruitment & driver online training seeks subcontracting / outsourcing opportunities

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Portuguese consultancy company specialist in recruitment & driver online training offers its advanced driving training programme to companies / drivers to improve their behaviour's performances. Their programme provides flexible, time efficient training under a dedicated project manager to individuals and groups. The company have significant driver database ready to fill the needs of drivers in any European country. Partnership will take form of subcontracting/outsourcing agreements.



Passengers and goods transport operators are the driving force of mobility. With an economy in real time, what should be the updating needs of transport companies and their workers, especially drivers?
Due to their business nature, drivers can lack the skills and expertise required to maximize the updating needed. Training could be available to fill these needs, but this often requires time out of the services or time away from company which a lot of passengers and goods transport operators cannot do without.
The Portuguese consultancy company, with an experience of 28 years dealing with professional drivers, is aware that through specific training models drivers can reduced road accidents in 50%.
Their offer includes online advanced driving training programme aimed at addressing this issue, helping companies/transport operators with drivers to improve their driving skills. The programme consists on a series of 12 driver training courses with a total of 36 hours that cover key aspects of driving and developed from global best practice from around the world.
These courses contents include road safety, economic driving and company context. The content is delivered in a series of short videos of average 4 minutes duration, e-books, challenges and interactive assessments that can be undertaken anywhere and anytime. Caution was taken with the way subjects were approached, in order to make them suitable to any country in terms of road security, economic driving and business context.
The languages issues can be solved by adding subtitles or recording the voice in the native language of the countries where the partners might come from. The principal markets will be those with Portuguese as official language, Spanish and English.
A project manager could work with those undertaking the training programme, orienting them with the content offer and helping them tailor it to their needs, in order to get the most out of the programme and receive their advanced driver training (ADT) certification.
With a huge lack of drivers in Europe, transport operators have significant difficulties to comply all services and many times lose contracts. They need to do the same tasks, but in a shorter period of time, with consequences at road safety risks, absenteeism, and diesel consume. The company is also specialized in driver’s recruitment and have a large database with professional drivers ready to fill the operators needs all over Europe. International recruitment agencies, without representation in Portugal, are the intended partners. Company’s database has international drivers who want to work in Portugal, but the major part are Portuguese drivers willing to work abroad.
If anyone needs driving professionals, this company can do all recruitment and selection processes in Portugal for them. They are also developing an online Job Portal to allow companies and job seekers around the world to interact between them, under a subscription fee.

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This training programme offered by the consultancy company has several advantages: - the programme can be tailored to individuals or groups. - a project manager can work with partners to help them tailor a programme and get the most out of the courses leading to certification. - online-based learning means the programme can be undertaken anywhere and does not require time out of the services. - contents are designed to be time efficient, with videos on average 4 minutes long, making it easy to fit the training around day to day work activities, especially for periods of inactivity of the drivers. - language issues can be solved, according to client needs. The recruitment process uses an AI algorithm to find the match between the motivations and expectations of the candidates and the characteristic of the vacancies. With this recruitment process the company will increase drivers retain.

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Partners interested in possible subcontracting or outsourcing agreements could be training companies, who wish to add specialized road safety, economic driving and company context training to their service portfolio or alternatively transport companies and driving schools, who wish to outsource specialist training so that they can work compliantly with the Directive (UE) 2018_645. Regarding the recruitment process, partners (international recruitment agencies) should identify potential clients with driver needs and propose to fill those needs with drivers from Portuguese company database. Regular contact and close collaboration with the Portuguese company should be a must for successful interaction/results.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500