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Portuguese manufacturer of high-quality canned tuna seeks distributors

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Portuguese manufacturer of high-quality canned tuna with more than 100 years of existence and already exporting to EU and non-EU countries is looking for distributors in order to expand its business abroad.



This Portuguese company was founded in Ponta Delgada, Azores, on 22 August 1913 with the aim of bringing together local pineapple producers and export it to Europe in its own ships. In the 20's, it was already responsible for 50% of the fruit production on S. Miguel Island and so it founded a shipping company with regular trips to Northern Europe countries.
During the World War II and the inherent difficulties to export, the company diversified its production, manufacturing fruit jams and canned fish. It bought a fishing fleet and a tuna factory. By that time, it already exported to the USA, Canada and Italy. After the war, it exclusively produced canned food. With an annual production of around 2 thousand tons of fish, besides supplying the national market (Azores and mainland Portugal), the company exports a large part of its production to those countries. Today, the factory with mainly hand-made production employs an average of 70 people. In times production increases – which depends on the fish caught – the company has a workforce of more than 100 people.
Canned tuna is made with various species of tuna. The tuna is preserved in a hermetically sealed package with salt, water, oil or olive oil, free from preservatives, colourings, emulsifiers or any other additives.
Due to the small quantities on the market, tuna fillets are a rare food product of exceptional quality. Tuna fillets are whole tuna steaks that must go through refrigeration processes and individualized treatment in order to keep their form. They are manually put in cans or glass jars.
The company produces several types of tuna fillets, including tuna fillets in refined olive oil, in water, in tomato, in spicy sauce, in virgin olive oil and salt, in organic olive oil and "sangacho", which is the dark tuna meat, i.e., the black part of tuna fish. These products are currently sold in supermarkets at national and international levels. The cooperative is keen to establish long-term distribution sevice agreements with companies from the EU and non-EU countries in order to expand its business abroad.

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Like any other fish, canned tuna is an important food since it is rich in several essential nutrients and excellent quality proteins, contributing to the growth and maintenance of body tissues. Fat tuna has special omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, which protect arteries, joints and boost the immune system. It is rich in an iron type easily absorbed by the intestines, in zinc, which is essential for the growth and co-factor of one of the antioxidant compounds endogenously synthesized, in calcium, in B vitamins and in vitamin D. Thus, eating canned tuna is a nutritionally recommended way to eat fish. This centenarian company’s products have the logo of the “Azores – certified by nature” brand – a territorial brand that identifies the offer of the Azores in terms of the dissemination of products and services. Azorean products must be distinguished from other direct competitors because they originate in a region with an ecological footprint of high environmental value. Furthermore, the company’s products are free from preservatives, colourings, emulsifiers or any other additives.

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The aim of the planned cooperation is to facilitate the entry of the company into the international market with the help of a European or non-European partner that will act as a distributor. The company wants to expand its business abroad.


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