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Portuguese pastry and confectionery manufacturer is looking for distributors for its products through distribution services agreement

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Health food
Manufacture of bread; manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes
Manufacture of rusks and biscuits; manufacture of preserved pastry goods and cakes


Portuguese company from Madeira Island, specialized in the production of traditional regional cakes, biscuits and candies, such as honey cake (sugar cane honey), honey biscuits and candy, is searching for distributors to sell its products abroad through distribution services agreement.



This Portuguese pastry and confectionery was established in 1982 in Madeira Island and is specialized in the manufacture of traditional regional cakes, biscuits and candies, such as honey
cake (with sugar cane honey), honey biscuits and candy made with fennel, eucalyptus, passionfruit, banana, cherry and chestnut.
More recently, the company has innovated its variety of products, starting to manufacture fancy candy (hand-crafted with several kinds of drawings inside), which can be personalized in taste,
drawings and colors.
The company also produces lollipops with different shapes, following the latest cartoons.
The production process involves a relevant manual component, essential to guarantee the authenticity of the products and the desired result.
This company has a specialized team, with appropriate know-how to manufacture this products, requiring a specific knowledge.
In order to expand its business to other markets, the company is seeking distributors abroad to set up distribution services agreement.
The intention through this type of partnership is to set a long term commitment, on one hand allowing this company to enter in new markets and expand its business, and on the other hand
giving the opportunity for potential partners to increase its range of products.

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Through this partnership potential partners can benefit from more than 30 years of this company experience in the production of a large variety of typical products from Madeira Island. Despite of maintaining an important manual component, which is essential to guarantee the authenticity of the products and the desired result, this company has been committed to innovation, combining traditional flavors with modern design, which distinguishes them from its competitors. In this way, it combines the artisanal manufacture highly valued by the clients, with the genuine flavors. The company also produces lollipops with different formats, following the latest cartoons, in order to delight the younger clients. All these products have great acceptance in the regional market as well by the tourists that visit Madeira Island.

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Already on the market

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This company seeks for other companies of any size, acting as distributors, which may include food wholesalers, grocery stores, supermarket chains, among others, to establish distribution services agreement. No special requirements or transnational experience are required.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250