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Portuguese producer of typical Madeira bread is looking for commercial agency or distribution services agreement

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Health food
Manufacture of bread; manufacture of fresh pastry goods and cakes


A Portuguese company from Madeira Island, specialized in the production and commercialization of traditional Madeira bread named bolo do caco and also a variant that produces in the city of Fátima, is interested in selling these two kinds of breads abroad, through commercial agency or distribution services agreements.



This Portuguese company based in Madeira Island, established in 2013, has a snack bar located in Madeira and has a branch in Fátima, Portugal mainland, with a bakery and a restaurant.
The company is specialized in the manufacturing of regional products, namely the traditional bolo do caco and a variant with more ingredients. The company produces both in Madeira and in Fátima.
At this time, the company is certified by the Madeira brand for the traditional bolo do caco, having also patented the new product (the variant of bolo do caco).
The recipe used for the traditional bolo do caco is from previous generations of the family of the company's owners. It is mostly handcrafted, with natural products that are whenever possible purchased directly from agricultural producers, including sweet potatoes, and wheat flour.
The company privileges the use of natural products, avoiding the harmful effects of the industrialization of the cooking process or the inclusion of chemicals or industrialized products in this process, which is beneficial for the health of consumers.
The client emphasizes the authenticity of the product, since it is based on an old traditional recipe, and all company staff has a training course.
With regard to the most innovative product, it is a variant of bolo do caco that includes olives, olive oil and aromatic herbs, especially from Ribatejo (a province of Portugal) and there is also a concern to use natural and healthy ingredients. This product is patented.
The company has a production capacity of up to 9000/10000 units of each product per week.
This client is seeking for international companies to establish commercial agency or distributions services agreements to sell its products abroad, thus expanding its business to other markets. The intention is to make a long term commitment.

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Potential partners can benefit from the guarantee of authenticity of the products comes from the old recipes, passed from generation to generation without including excess industrialized procedures, combined with the quality of the products. The brand “Produto da Madeira” (product of Madeira) was attributed to bolo do caco produced by the company, by the Regional Government. The company also won several awards in recognition of the quality of its products, namely the first place in the Gastronomic Contest for homemade soups in Leiria, the first place obained in the Gastronomic Contest of Homemade Soups in Ourém and the first place of Innovation by the Laboratories of Innovation of Abrantes.

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Already on the market

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The company is searching for companies of any size to distribute its products through commercial agency or distribution services agreement. More specifically, it is looking for food product distributors with good distribution networks, supermarkets, and restaurants, among others. Since the product is frozen after its production, potential partners must be able to maintain the product's condition until the end customer.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500