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Portuguese systematic innovation research and development company offers for technology transfer a novel patent-pending drive assembly for an impact-free run-like motion

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A private Portuguese systematic innovation R&D company, based in Lisbon, has been developing the novel patent-pending drive assembly for providing a natural walking input, that is compact, ergonomic and integrates with the components of the bicycle industry. It offers the technology to industrial and/or commercial companies for a license agreement for technology transfer, and/or a manufacturing agreement and/ or a joint venture agreement for technology exploitation.



It is clear that people are looking for alternative ways to move around, but walking and running tend to be slow and put pressure on the joints in the long run by the continuous impact with the ground. Traditional bike pedal motion is circular, so it is different from our natural walk. And, Elliptical bikes and cross-trainers attempt to accomplish our natural walk but are extremely complex and large.
The innovative and patent-pending differentiated technology with significant advantages over the state-of-the-art and the potential to change the markets' structure is a very compact drive assembly for an alternate reciprocating leg motion that replicates the motion of the human walk with less than 10% the size of all prior-art, enabling the integration of bicycle industry components, including electric motors. Also, it is designed to have different strides sizes and frames for people of all heights, and is ergonomic, efficient and impact-free with biomechanical advantages that reproduce the motion of the human walk and multiplies it.
Since the technology developed provides a natural walking input to a human powered device or a stationary machine for exercise, it is a technology platform to different industries, like cross-training, fitness, commute and transport, health and medical, virtual reality (VR), and many others.
The Portuguese company wants its innovative product to be manucatured and/ or it is offering a license for tecnhonoly transfer and/ or is looking for a partner with supplementary skills/ resources to set up a new legal entity.

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The solution is a patent pending product with the potential to create a new technology S-curve radical for the niche market of the elliptical trainers (cross-trainers and gym equipment - invented in 1990) and also for the bicycle industry, as the novel technology invented enables a natural run-like stride within a compact body. The solution reproduces the motion of the human walk. Current equipment that better match their walk are extremely complex, and large (elliptical trainers, arc trainers, stand-up bicycles, etc). The solution is a radical innovation for elliptical cross-training market, however, given its compactness it integrates with all bicycle's components (frames, wheels, electrical motors, transmission, brakes, etc), making it easier to link with the well-established bicycle ecosystem and facilitating people's acceptance because it doesn't clashes with people's idea of a bicycle, which may accelerate the growth of these niche markets.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The Systematic Innovation R&D Company is looking for an industrial and/or commercial company working in fitness / gym equipment, and/or bicycle / mobility industry, and/or rehabilitation / physiotherapy equipment; and/or VR locomotion technology. The Portuguese company is searching for partners under a license agreement to transfer the technology, and/or a joint venture and/or a manufacturing agreement to exploit the technology.

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