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Portuguese tech recruitment marketplace wants to establish a commercial agency agreement

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A Portuguese tech recruitment marketplace is looking for potential partners to establish a commercial agency agreement in view of the placement of professionals in the IT-related field (e.g. software developers, product managers, data scientists). The role of the company would be to find talented IT professionals and the partner would place them in their existing portfolio of companies.



The Portuguese tech recruitment marketplace is a candidate-driven tech careers marketplace. It is a fully functional online platform, where it is possible to receive applications from candidates, but also proactively search for pre-identified profiles on their 120.000 IT professional’s database.

Their mission is to build the top destination for tech professionals who want to advance their careers.

Additionally, it has also built several integrated evaluation tools, to make the recruitment processes easier, faster and more effective for companies, namely:
a) Multidimensional evaluation of the fit between candidate and job position;
b) Technical assessments, with personalized questions and automatic reporting;
c) Video recorded interviews, with output watching and possibility of reporting.

Finally, integration with third-party systems to connect the platform with already used tools, such as, application tracking systems. It is currently integrated with workable, greenhouse, recruitees and several other tools.

The organization has been on the forefront of building better recruitment experiences for IT professionals, but also positioning itself as a leader of Tech HR (Human Resources), building a community of recruitment professionals and events designed for companies to maintain their competitiveness when attracting and retaining talent.

The potential of this approach is to supercharge current recruitment processes with a set of highly qualified and correctly evaluated candidates for the positions needed, which greatly reduces one of the most time intensive time activities of a recruitment agency - candidate prospection. All this makes the recruitment process much more efficient, effective and ultimately frees resources for other value chain activities, such as candidate engagement and client prospecting.

The company is looking for partners under a commercial agency agreement. The potential partner´s role would be to generate leads to use the marketplace service and introduce them to the company´s sales team.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
1. Already established as an IT talent destination in EU markets (e.g. Portugal, Spain, Germany), and exclusive access to markets outside EU (e.g. South America, Eastern Europe); 2. Built and applied several evaluation mechanisms to the talent search (e.g. technical assessments, video interviews), to enrich the candidate data and lead to faster and better recruitment decisions. These features save time screening candidates and lead to better decisions by companies; 3. Due to the easiness to use platform combined with human support from their team, the 120.000 IT professionals community outperforms competing platforms in talent engagement; 4. Plug-and-play solution that can easily be used as a source of candidates, through job posting of positions and receiving applications from our online job marketplace; 5. Additional possibility of proactive search for specific profiles through our proprietary tool Candidate Search, where users have actively gave permission to be contacted by companies in an anonymous and secure way; 6. Integration with multiple Application Tracking System (ATS), to facilitate the workflow of recruitment teams, as the process of receiving candidate applications, evaluating and keeping them update will become less complex and more integrated into the current workflow.

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Already on the market

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The tech recruitment marketplace is looking for a partner from a recruitment agency or similar with a need of delivering IT talent to its portfolio of companies. An ideal partner would be a small to mid size agency, whose biggest challenge is to produce a local and international talent pipeline for their current portfolio of companies. The type of partnership sought would be a Commercial agency agreement, namely: From the requester side, the responsibility is to find the candidates, manage their engagement with the recruitment process, and the relationship with clients. The potential partner´s role would be to generate leads to use the marketplace service and introduce them to the company´s sales team. The payout in this model would be a finders fee based on the business potential and stage of sales cycle of the generated leads.

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SME 51-250