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Portuguese web developer company is looking for partners to establish a commercial agency agreement (with or without technical assistance)

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The Portuguese private company based in Lisbon conceives and develops software solutions for companies and organizations. They developed a set of products for human resources management, fleet management and recently added shared mobility solutions. They are looking for commercial agents to represent their mobility products, namely fleet management consulting companies, IT consulting companies and GPS vehicle location companies.



The Portuguese company develops software solutions. Their applications for mobility include three modules:

Pool - Transportation is changing; fleet management is no longer just about vehicles and drivers but about providing different mobility solutions. This application allows companies to manage shared work vehicles (without any kind of devices in the vehicles) and shared journeys using the company’s work vehicles.

Commuting - allows employees to share their frequent routes, such as home-work-home, in order to encourage employees to organize themselves to share trips. The company defines workplaces and invites the employees to register their routes if interested in sharing a ride to work with co-workers who live nearby.

Ridesharing - enables users to share trips in their personal vehicles. It includes a points program that allows rewarding users who share the most and shows the savings obtained in environmental terms achieved through the sharing of trips.

The Portuguese company is looking for commercial agents to represent products in new markets. The company´s target is either to enter in new markets and to grow its business abroad.

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New forms of mobility are maturing. To keep up with these emerging demands, the Portuguese company added the shared mobility solutions to their products: The three modules they have developed are available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, and other languages may be easily included. Their applications may be commercialised through the Internet as SaaS (software as a service) or installed on a client’s server (with no need for more than a Windows server and a MS SQL database). Its shared mobility software products are based on a corporate portal concept allowing each user to access information and actively participate in the process. All their software interfaces are browser interfaces and their products work fully in a web/ Internet environment. A mobile version is already available for Android and iOS.

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In order to work with the shared mobility software products, one can only use a Windows server, a MS SQL database, and a computer with a browser and a connection to the Internet or a connection to an intranet.

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Already on the market

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The Portuguese company is looking for agents to represent its shared mobility software products in their markets and to support clients. Their preferential partners are fleet management consulting companies that may easily use their applications to provide clients a better support service, IT consulting companies, as well as GPS vehicle location companies that may associate their software to their location services.

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SME 11-50,SME <10