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Powder coating and sheet metal processing services offered by a Slovenian company.

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A Slovenian company, specialized in powder coating and metalwork with laser cutting, CNC milling, bending, welding MIG or MAG and turning would like to expand its activities abroad. The company is looking for new long-term partners (SMEs, big companies) who need powder coating services, metal work services for their products and/or parts for products. The company offers manufacturing, services, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements.



The Slovenian family owned company is active from 1990. The main activity of the company is a complete metal processing service with laser cutting, CNC milling, bending, welding MIG and MAG and turning. The elements can be produced on the basis of technical drawings or using a template provided by the customer.

They also have a line for powder electrostatic coating. It enables high-quality processing of metal products and constructions, smaller and larger dimensions. They use epoxy-polyester and polyester powders of domestic and foreign suppliers. The characteristic of these powders is that they have very good mechanical properties, good resistance to external influences (UV rays) and good resistance to chemical effects.

The company can offer powder coating of the products in aluminum, steel, zinc steel, and various castings. The surface of the application can be smooth, fine structural, structural and glossed, half mat and mat, depending on the need. Used color shades are RAL, NCS and color shades according to customer’s sample. The maximum dimensions of the workpieces that can be powder coated are (6000 x 2000 x 800) mm. The attached pictures show examples of the powder-coated products: lighting frames, fan nets, housings for various appliances, beds, chairs, bookshelves (which they also produce themselves), fences and other products.

They are a supplier of services for the companies in the automotive, machine building, construction, agriculture sector, furniture, and telecommunications sector.

The company offers manufacturing, services, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements.

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The company's advantages and strength lie in highly qualified employees with great experience in the powder coating process and machining of sheet metal. They are very flexible when responding to customer’s requirements and offer a wide range of services from design engineering to surface finish. They put particular attention in the packing of the finished products; this may look as an apparently simple operation but it needs special care in order to preserve the product integrity. Assuring quality of products, services, and management is the top priority of the company and a stepping stone for achieving customer satisfaction.

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The company is looking for business partners from foreign public or private companies, SMES or big companies, operating in the manufacturing industries, who have needs of services linked to sheet metal processing and/or powder coating. They offer manufacturing, services, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements in a long-term and a reliable collaboration. They offer to provide finished powder coated products from the supplied material and would like to become a regular supplier of metal elements. They want to fulfill continuous orders in repeatable series (at the very least 50 pieces of elements in one order). The role of the partner sought is to deliver semi-finished products or parts of products to be processed by services offered by Slovenian company or to define request for the offered services and (if possible) provide necessary technical drawings for the (semi)products to be produced.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


book shelves or stands for promotional material


powder coating


fan nets - powder coated


bed frame - powder coated


laser cutting


CNC operating machine


lighting frames