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Precipitation portal enabling proactive measures in smart cities

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A German SME developed a comprehensive precipitation portal providing actual data and forecasts. It is based on an IoT concept that is seamlessly integrated with mechanical solutions. It can be combined with further software. Thus more reliable data can be provided to planners and operators in the water sector, municipalities and smart cities. Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.



Planners, operators, and municipalities in the water sector usually struggle with unexpected heavy rains and serious floods because the precipitation data is missing. Such important data as duration, intensity, time and location (rain- and snowfall) are critical in the drainage system management. If transparent and reliable precipitation data is provided on time, various measures can be taken to prepare the storage capacity in the retention basins, collection channels, and wastewater treatment plants.

A German company that has 40 years of experience in the water industry understands this challenge and its impacts on the local inhabitants. Therefore, the German technology leader in the water sector, has applied IoT concepts to develop a portal to provide the actual and forecast information of precipitation in local areas. The data is fed into the system every five minutes and thus ensures accuracy and reliability. The technology enables real-time monitoring, analysis and control. The data is displayed in various forms (charts, tables) and can be used for preconditioning or planning purposes in various areas.

The German company's portal can be further integrated with other software (remote monitoring, automation software, etc.) to create an autonomous water cycle in a water smart city. Proactive measure can be taken by the authorities based on the comprehensive information provided.

Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Potential partners are engineering offices, consulting firms, software provider, or the companies performing civil work, construction and installation. They should integrate the solution in their projects and services. The German company offers technical support and transfer as well as marketing support and assistance in first end-user meetings.

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The company is a technology leader in the water industry with many years of experience. The system is accurate and more reliable than conventional solutions as data is fed into the system at short intervals of five minutes. The precipitation portal can be integrated with other software to enable proactive measures with high level of accuracy (information-based instead of subjective assumptions) The seamless integration between mechanical and IT solutions offered by the German company is a unique strength and is not available in conventional solutions.

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Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. A close long-term collaboration is targeted. Type of partner: Active in civil works, construction installation Role of partner: Integrate solution in their offer, promote the solution to end-users. The partner should be carrying out complementary tasks for the end-users, such as planners, operators, and municipalities. The German company will offer online training, process design and online support as well as marketing support.