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A German IT company offers to develop software and web or mobile applications according to the partner specifications. The experienced team practices a unique approach where the partner's team is involved in the development process and thus introduced to handling cutting-edge technology themselves. Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.



Industrial and service providing companies are often faced with the problem that it takes too long to release new IT features, that users aren't adopting products offered, and that finished software development does not meet their expectations

An established German IT infrastructure services provider is specialised in planning, designing, implementing and maintaining IT infrastructure. They utilise in-depth knowledge and experience in arriving at the right mix of technology, people and processes for any set task. They have the relevant competencies in managing both traditional data centers and the modern cloud-based hybrid IT infrastructures.

Their expertise includes UI/UX, requirements and software engineering, user interface design, virtual reality (VR) , augmented reality (AR), motion tracking/capturing, data analytics, data visualisation, big data acquisition systems, machine learning algorithms, system design and integration, gamification, serious games/applied applications (eLearning / eHealth) as well as media application development.

The German company's approach that leads to better results is that they implement given tasks by teaming up with the partner company in the software development process. They work side by side with the partner to develop the optimum product. They practice test-driven development, pair programming, short development cycles, as well as continuous verification and integration of code. One result is high-quality, flexible software delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. The other result is that the partner company's team has by then been qualified to do the same high-quality work on their own.

Examples of development carried out successfully:
• Construction management web application
• e-Commerce web and mobile application
• Document management web application
• Doctor clinic web application

Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Partners can be any company in need of software development, web/ mobile applications or IT solutions. The partner will specify their requirements. The German company will tackle the task together with the partner company while at the same time transferring relevant know-how and qualifying the partner to implement the solution.

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• Unique approach qualifying the partner company • Unique approach combining development, design, and product management to create exceptional products. • Many years of development experience in a variety of sectors and application areas. • Highly qualified team with outstanding mix of competences leading to shorter development time and better results • User-centered design ensures that the software solves a real problem for real users in a desirable and usable product • Involvement in international research projects ensures access to latest technological results

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Already on the market

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Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Partners can be manufacturing industry or service providers from any sector. The partner should specify their IT requirement. The German company's team of developers, product managers, and designers will then work alongside the partner to build and deploy software differently than has been done before. In the process, the partner becomes enabled to do this work self-sufficiently in the future. The partner's team learns cutting-edge technology and best practices the best way possible: by doing it. The knowledge they absorb while working with the German company is just as valuable as the finished project itself  


e-Commerce web & mobile application


Construction management web application