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A producer of Calvados spirit and apple & peer drinks from France is searching for distributors

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A French producer of Calvados spirit and organic and natural farm ciders, pear ciders, apple & pear juices offers distribution services agreements.



A company from France is looking for new partners as distributors of their different beverages produced in a most natural way from organic farming :
- apple and pear juices
- cider (4,5°) and pear cider (perry - 4°)
- Calvados Spirit (47,5°)

The company is located in a wooded and grazing countryside region and the fruit tree plantations for making apple and pear ciders date back to the Middle Ages.

Almost 30 varietes of Apple trees among which Fréquin, Mettais, Bedan, Douce-Moën, Douce Coëtligne, Pomme de Bouet, Petit jaune...
Varietes of Pear trees : Plant de blanc, Champagne, Verdot, Fausset, De Cloche, Bézier.
Appel and pear trees are driven exclusively into tall standard trees.

Trees are aligned and spaced 12 m apart in meadows, which are maintained by cattle or a hayging. They receive no phytosanitary treatment, or chemical fertilizers.

The company wishes to increase its turnover by sharing its traditional know-how out of France. It is therefore looking for new partners such as distributors or importers able to promote their products in their networks composed of wine shops, restaurants for example. Partnerships with department stores as well, but only if they are organic specialists. The envisaged type of cooperation is distribution services agreement.

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- Orchards and cidriculture workshops are conducted in organic agriculture and are controlled by ECOCERT. - AB certified (Organic Agriculture). - Ciders, pear ciders, apple & pear juices are fully natural (that is to say without additional sulphites). - The choice of the fruit trees varieties is guided by the nature of the orchard soils and the list of varieties recommended by th INAO (National Institute of Origin and Quality).

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The company wishes to identify new partners (distributors or importers) able to distribute their natural and high-quality beverages. The aimed partners should be retailers or in the HORECA sector aiming at wine shops, restaurants... It can also be department stores specialized in organic products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


Cider of Perche Vintage made from a blend of sweet and bittersweet dominant cider apples.


Made from 1 assembly of cider pears of ancient varieties (century-old pear trees) & young pear trees


Calvados spirit label


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