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Producer of premium quality organic products from Serbia searching for distributor or retail chain in EU

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Serbian company - an organic farm in Vojvodina, offers organic grain, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, and wool. Also, the company is processing and producing final organic products, certified by the EU and the Republic of Serbia. The company is searching for distribution and/or retail service agreements with distributors and retail chains in European Union countries.



Serbian company owns a certified organic farm in Vojvodina of around 80 ha. The farm is used for:
- organic production of crops, vegetables, and fruits,
- growing hens organized in free-range farming,
- breeding a herd of sheep and goats.
The company takes special care of its grains, vegetables, and fruits growing. To provide high-quality organic products, they personally monitor the creation of final products.
In order to maximize the use of every priceless grass and seed, the company decided that the autochthonous breeds of laying hens and herds of sheep, move freely at the farm and use only organic food.
The company has production, processing and packaging lines. The company produces, and offer for the distribution and retail, under the agreement in the region and EU countries, the following organic products:
- organic eggs (Hans, turkey, guineafowl);
- organic meat (chicken, lamb, goat);
- organic jams and confiture, slatko (the preserve of fruits in thick syrup) from the organic fruit: tomato, tomato with lavender, raspberry, plum, apricot, wild blueberry, wild strawberry;
- organic ajvar, organic malid┼żano (eggplant spread), fillet paprika;
- organic juices: tomato, apple, apricot, raspberry, wild blueberry;
- cold-pressed organic oils: sunflower, pumpkin;
- organic pasta: from spelt, buckwheat, and kamut;
- organic wool.
Their products, under the brand name, hold organic certificates of the Republic of Serbia and EU organic certificate. The company has also offered, as the first one in Belgrade, a concept of shops and restaurants with organic products from their own property.
The company is searching for distribution and/or retail service agreement with distributors, retail chains in European Union countries.

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The main advantage of this company is rounded production - from the fields to the table of consumers of fresh and processing organic food. This is an example of good practice in production from the field to the final premium products. Their vision is expressed through the motto "food for a better life". The goal of the company is to provide the best products to people who desire healthy and delicious food, with a pleasant taste and aroma characteristic for the Western Balkans region. The company strongly believes that the future of agriculture is the application of agro-ecological principles that maintain and improve the fertility of the soil. They are strongly devoted to self-sustainability and environmental protection.

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Already on the market

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The company is interested in distribution services agreements. Potential partners should be distributors, retail chains in European Union countries specialized in selling organic food (meat, eggs, fruit and vegetable preserves, and pasta from spelt, buckwheat, and kamut). The potential partners should offer long-term and reliable agreement conditions for the distribution of the organic product offered by the Serbian SME.

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SME 51-250