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Production technology of starch-based sorbing agent applicable in food, alcohol and agriculture industries

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Polish scientist has developed a technology to produce sorbent out of starch that allows for immobilisation of bioactive substances. Thanks to its properties, i.e. lack of flavour and colour, it can be used in food production, brewing, as well as in agriculture. Uncomplicated production process and inexpensive materials provide for a fast implementation of the technology. License agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance are offered.



A scientist from a university located in northwestern Poland specialises in immobilisation technologies and environment-friendly packaging materials. He has developed a technology for using starch and spray-drying process to produce a sorbing agent. One can use it to immobilise various bioactive substances that are in a liquid, solid or gaseous state. An immobilised substance added to the final product is then gradually released in a designated environment, in a given concentration. The innovation enables the production of a wide variety of powdery, granulated, pill or suspended-matter products.

Starch sorbent produced according to the offered technology is biodegradable, biocompatible, microbiologically clean and dispersible. It has a neutral colour, smell and taste. It can be used: as a powdery diluent of flavoured food additives, as an adsorbent of liquids and odours, or to filter water or contaminants out of raw alcohol. Therefore, the technology is of particular interest to food, alcohol and agriculture industries. Thanks to the simplicity and low costs of the production process, quick implementation of the technology on the industrial scale is possible.

The scientist would like to see his invention used commercially, therefore he is looking for partners that would like to buy or license the technology. In both cases, a partner will be responsible for implementing the technology into his production process. The scientist will lend his expertise in adapting the technology and helping to introduce it.

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- the sorbent is biodegradable, biocompatible, microbiologically clean and dispersible; - its production is cheap and not overly complicated; - technology is based on natural materials; - variety of market applications - the sorbent can be used in various industries (food, alcohol, agriculture).

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Available for demonstration

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Commercial agreement with technical assistance: - Type of partner sought: industry; - Field of partner's activity: manufacturers of food and alcoholic beverages, farms; - Role of partner sought: technology purchasing and its commercial implementation with the help of the scientist. License agreement: - Type of partner sought: industry; - Field of partner's activity: manufacturers of food and alcoholic beverages, farms; - Role of partner sought: implementation of the technology under the license.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500