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Provider of solutions and services in the field of digital product design and digital process simulations in production seeks partners under outsourcing agreement

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Process automation
Prototypes, trials and pilot schemes
Plant Design and Maintenance
Construction engineering (design, simulation)
Process Plant Engineering
Manufacturing/industrial software
Other industry specific software
Process control and logistics
Other information technology and computer service activities
Engineering activities and related technical consultancy
Specialised design activities


An established Slovak company is a supplier of software solutions and Siemens PLM (product lifecycle management) software. Besides selling software licences, this company provides support for the implementation and integration of existing solutions and services for optimisation of processes in product design and manufacturing. They are looking for partners to cooperate via outsourcing agreement.



Slovak company is delivering the wide range of solutions aimed at problems solving of their customers regarding the creation of successful product at the end (e.g. PLM solutions, CAD - computer aided design, CAM - computer aided manufacturing, CAE - computer aided engineering systems and much more) - today more commonly discussed under Industry 4.0. The customer problems are being solved by the implementation of software, hardware, integration of company systems, managing the data and data exchange, customization of processes, providing the support, trainings and professional services. That allows this company to cooperate with their customers in every single field dealing with the creation, operation and updating the data about product and about manufacturing preparation.

This company delivers industrial software solutions - Siemens PLM designed for the digitization of manufacturing portfolio for the field of mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace industry, the energy sector within the meaning of the concept of Industry 4.0 in the following areas:
• Digital product design (design, construction, simulation, creation of NC (numeric control) programs, construction tools, forms)
• Digital design and optimisation of production processes (mounting, ergonomic simulation, robot programming, simulation and optimisation of layouts in terms of production, transport, storage logistics)
• The management of technical data of product arising in all three phases of its life cycle - i.e. development, manufacture and use. Company offers a software platform for the concept of Industry 4.0 where there is a "digital twins" of real products in order to preserve digital information arising in all phases of its life cycle (design,construction, variations, changes, technology, NC (numerical controlled) programs, calculations, tools and electronic work instructions, data from production and MES (manufacturing execution systems) systems, service and maintenance, disposal).
• Special software for a comprehensive proposal + preparation of production + production of composite materials (fiberglass, carbon fibers)
• Special software solutions for simulations and tests, including mobile and laboratory testing hardware (noise and vibration, durability, dynamics, structural integrity, safety, energy consumption).

The company is looking for partners to cooperate via outsourcing agreement. Software solutions offered by this company are useful e.g. for companies operating in the field of mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace industry, the energy sector.

Being more precisely, when talking about the potential partners for this company, the company is looking for partners
for project cooperation (project work via outsourcing agreement) in specific fields and topics defined in "type and role of partner sought" field. Despite of the fact that this company is very well-established, it is always trying to find a new ways to cooperate with future potential partners. Company still has some free capacities to offer and wants to diversify their client portfolio.

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- The wide portfolio of experiences in providing Industry 4.0 solutions - the company is providing the solutions for their customers for more than 25 years and is highly innovative in and out towards their customers - The company is offering the team of extremely talented people, who are unique in their ability to quick delivery of the complex PLM solutions corresponding the needs and requirements of their customers - The company has already proven solutions, which are widely used by their customers - With the use of their existing solution, this company helps to develop and improve the products of their customers - New solution "digital twins". Significant cost savings at introduction of new or existing product into production. - Solutions to build corporate strategy Industry 4.0. Software solutions for the collection and evaluation of data for effective customer product design and optimisation of processes in production

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Already on the market

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Type of partner: companies from the field of industry, R&D institutions. Field of activity of partner: mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace industry, the energy sector Role of partner: cooperation via outsourcing agreement. Slovak company is offering their solutions in the field of digital product design or digital process simulations in the production. More precisely, this company is looking for partners for project cooperation in these fields and topics: - development and construction of a new products, the creation of documents in 3D databases - integration of company systems (ERP, MES, PLM), programmer work - the services in the field of simulations and process optimisation in manufacturing, the creation of digital companies - the delivery of software PLM solutions

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University,R&D Institution,251-500