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Pulse Plasma Generator

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Electronic engineering
Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)
Power Supplies
Other electronics related (including alarm systems)
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There has been a new innovation developed by the team of researchers at R&D institution in Trnava region. High quality and cost effective Pulse plasma generator is now ready for the market. The university is looking for a partner to license the technology.



Established research team has developed a new innovation in the field of industrial equipment. High Power Impuls Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) is thin film deposition from standard magnetrons using pulsed plasma discharges. The high degree of ionization of the deposition material leads to the growth of smooth and dense elemental as well as reactively deposited compound films, and enable control over their phase composition, microstructure, as well as mechanical and optical properties.
Furthermore, HiPIMS leads to improved film adhesion, enabling deposition of uniform films on complex-shaped substrates, and a decreased deposition temperature.
Pulse plasma generator controls electromagnetic plasma field and thus even the sputtering process of metallic layer. Burning discharge leads to cathode bombardment by positive ions and creation of metallic vapour that consequently condense on anode- what creates thin metallic layer. At the market is a deficiency of affordable IPG for laboratories. This IPG has been developed and built at R&D institution in order to create thin metallic layers and their oxides. The plasma discharge with high stability is without any oscillation due to its unique way (method) of stabilisation of high-power impulse discharge. R&D institution is seeking an industrial partner for licensing for the further development and commercionalization of this technology.

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Advantages: • Analysed samples show high quality of sputtered layer • Affordable for research laboratories • High performance according to its dimensions • Direct connection to oscilloscope available • Built-in its own programmable impulse timer • Possibility of external control • In the latest version even unipolar, bipolar and three-circuit regime

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Available for demonstration

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The R&D institution is seeking an industrial partner for licensing the technology. Field of activity: the new technology is applicable in the industrial equipment area. Role of partner: - license agreement - the licensing for the further development and commercionalization of this technology is sought.