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A Qatar based firm offering professional services which include business, Information Technology (IT), and professional educational consultancy and advisory services seeks partners to establish strategic alliances through joint venture agreements.

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Consulting services


This Qatari company provides consultancy and advisory services through innovative and cutting-edge management techniques designed for today’s organizations that aim at achieving sustained business success and excellence. The company seeks partners through joint venture to establish strategic alliances, which will allow for exchange of business knowledge and technology as well as leverage on professional expertise to boost innovation in the provision of consultancy and advisory services.



This Qatari based firm is offering the following custom-tailored services to meet the requirements of any business. Solutions and tools such as the Balanced Scorecard have been designed to assist firms in achieving their goals and business objectives. Companies are equally assisted to ensure that they successfully execute their plans or strategies by developing systems, processes and mechanisms of aligning their intangible assets and value propositions in order to achieve breakthrough results and sustainable shareholder value. Their research methodologies/services assist companies with product development and innovation. Market research provides information (market intelligence) for companies seeking to enter new global markets. Business and value assessment services are targeted at select economic sectors with the aim of stimulating and attracting investment.
The services provided to companies are:
1) Business consulting services
• Business analytics/diagnosis which includes strategy formulation
• Value proposition building
• Enterprise performance management [Balanced Scorecard]
• Business and value assessments for global business and growth strategies/investment in:
o Agriculture and agribusinesses
o Renewable energy
o Infrastructure development (water, transport/logistics and solid waste management)
o Tourism
o Property development and real estate
• Market research and feasibility studies (GCC and Southern Africa)
2) IT consultancy services
• IT Governance
• Research and Advisory
• Enterprise Solutions Development
3) Professional education services
• Employee skills audit/assessment
• Skills development programs
• Municipal and local government programs
The company seeks partners to enter into strategic alliances through joint venture with firms having similar experiences which will provide them an opportunity to leverage on the gained industry “knowledge” required to add value by providing or developing innovative solutions, tools and applications that are easily customized and deployed for the different or unique customer needs.

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With years of experience and market presence in the region they have been able to develop strategic capabilities and tools for corporate planning and strategies, corporate performance and strategy execution, governance models, business value assessments, program evaluation and human capital development. Their diverse team represents individuals with years of industry experiences required to successfully deliver business/professional services and solutions. Their track record is built upon a combination of diligence and flexibility that provide a thorough understanding of each client’s needs/business requirements.

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The company seeks partners and collaborative or strategic alliances in the professional services industry to advance knowledge and management techniques by providing consulting and advisory services to a range of clients. These firms can either be one of the following: • Research and Development firms and institutions • Software, application and system developers • Professional educational providers

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SME 11-50