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Qatari based manufacturer for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipes & fittings is looking for distributors, trade agents or importers.

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This Qatari company is a manufacturer for CPVC pipes and fittings for use in hot & cold water distribution systems. The factory manufactures CVPC in tan colors with sizes ranges from 16mm to 160mm for both pipes & fittings. CPVC is corrosion-resistant, has a long service life in an aggressive and/or corrosive environment, and a high safety factor. The company is looking for distributors, trade agents or importers.



The company was established in 2015 for manufacturing CPVC pipes & fittings in Doha – Qatar. Manufacturing standard by EN ISO 15877, DIN 8079/8080, which is complied with Quality Compliance Systems.
The company is a health certified CPVC product manufacturer , for quality & purity of drinking water under:
- NSF14
- NSF61
- EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)
- LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)
The company is locally certified by:
- Ministry of Interior (M.O.I)
- The Public Work Authority (ASHGHAL)
- The Ministry of Endowments (AWQAF)
- The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)
- Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC)
- The Gulf Organization for Research and Development (GORD – GSAS).
- And it is the first pipes manufacturer in the Gulf countries to make the GULF GREEN MARK product pipes by GORD-GSAS, for the GULF region and is certified by EPD & LCA.

These products are ideal for use in hot and cold water applications in:
- Villas and Individual homes,
- Residential apartments,
- Office complexes & commercial buildings,
- Hotels & hospitals,
- Oil & gas Industries,
- Solar parabolic water collectors,
- Water treatment plants,
- Pharmaceutical industry
- And chilled water lines.

The company is looking forward to enter new markets and is seeking distributors and agents for its range of products.

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CPVC used in these pipes and fittings have excellent physical properties, as it has superior chlorine resistant, UV resistant, fire resistant, better antimicrobial performance, environmentally friendly with easy installation, stable material cost, and the quality is second to none when compared to the other piping system. The solvent cement joints that are used to connect CPVC piping systems are faster and safer to create the conventional heat solder joints and the molecular bonding that occurs in a solvent welded joints is stronger than crimped or cold expanded joints used in other piping materials. These CVPC pipes and fittings also possess acoustic and thermal insulation properties which not only reduces the sound of running water at home, it also helps prevent the loss of heat as the water travels through the pipes. The general specifications are : 1- Specific Gravity 73˚F/23˚C 1.52 2- Specific Volume 73˚F/23˚C 0.645 cm³/g 3- Water Absorption 73˚F/23˚C 0.03% 212˚F/100˚C 0.55% 4- Thermal Expansion coefficient (m/m˚C) 0.7x 10`^-4 5- Thermal Conductivity(W/m.K) 0.14 6- Operating Temperature 85˚C 7- Max Operating temperature ( ºC) 95˚C 8- PN rating PN16, PN20, PN25 9- Life Expectancy at operating temperature 50 years It has an operational temperature range of 0°C - 95°C (32°F - 203°F), which is suitable for high temperature environments at 10 Bar pressure.

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- Under the distribution services agreement the Qatari company is searching for companies interested in purchasing the CPVC pipes and fittings to resell them to their local customers ; - Under the commercial agency agreement they are looking for partner to represent the interests of the Qatari company in their national market and to act on behalf of the company to promote sales.

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