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Qatari leading customizable digital solutions company is looking for partners under services or outsourcing agreement.

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This Qatari company creates digital solutions to solve conventional challenges by using the latest in Web, Android, IOS, artificial intelligence , IoT, Big Data and block chain technology platforms. The company is interested to look for partners under services or outsourcing agreement.



This Qatari company was established in 1998. It provides top leading digital solutions in the Gulf area through a wide range of industry leading electronic and IT solutions services.

The company continuously excel in implementing unique pioneer solutions in the Qatari market. They are specialized in the customized IT solutions for: electronic payments, homeland security, geospatial sciences, fleet management and tracking, dispatching, web based and mobile applications, in addition to their IT professional services in software development, integration, training and consulting services.

They hold a deep understanding of several verticals with their flagship products focused on Ecommerce, connected healthcare and online real estate. However, with the right vision and roadmap, they can be consultants on any digital journey that focuses on customer engagement and revenue optimization though digital channels.

They enable their clients to reach their destination by helping them choose the right tech stack and combination of programming languages, tools and frameworks to create a scalable, sustainable, reliable and secured, high-performance intelligent web applications.

Their services includes :
- Electronic payment solutions,
- Ideal unity: Ideal unity is an on-cloud integrated modular package of vehicle tracking & fleet management, job dispatching, warehouse management, human resources management, team project management and customer relations management,
- Geospatial solutions: GIS, GPS, aerial photography, satellite imagery,
- Homeland security solutions: This is a very active company in the domain of homeland security solutions. It provides a full suite of well-integrated products,
- IT professional services,
- Self-service payment kiosks: This solution is providing high performance self-service kiosks for all types of services using tailored innovative designs to meet all business needs. These kiosks host secured payments; cash and cashless using certified integrated unattended payment terminals.
- Healthcare solutions: This patient management system is a software that is regulated as a medical device. It is used to acquire medical information from a medical device to be used in the treatment or diagnosis of a patient and directly contributes to the treatment of the patient by performing analysis.
- Operational services : They have a qualified team whom ensures customers receives the best technical support services; they provide them with hardware devices installations, cancellations, training and technical support services. They supply all their customers with on-demand online reporting.

The company is looking for partners for project cooperation through services agreement or outsourcing agreement in above fields and topics. The company tries to find a new way to cooperate with future potential partners and to diversify its client portfolio.
The company is ready to sign a long-term services agreement to implement customizable digital solutions.

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They have a diverse team of passionate technology experts and consultants with deep understanding of their platforms, having delivered complex projects globally. They challenge the status quo of the business landscape and solve conventional hurdles thanks to their out of box thinkers and doers. They have been delivering value and excellence through their services and delighting their clients with the results for more than two decades. Their client testimonials are proof of their hard work and customer centric solutions that always deliver. They go beyond service and become true business partners. The company can provide competitive offerings with assured delivery and a wide spectrum of solutions and services. Besides, they have a strong support with fast response. They offer : - Services with constant and continuous development, - Software development methodology, - Quality control and quality assurance with high conformance to latest standards.

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Type and Role of Partner Sought Field of activity of partner: Software and integration company with expertise in security, GIS electronics payments, homeland security, IT technology partner Role of partner: cooperation via outsourcing agreement or services agreement. The Qatari company is offering solutions in the field of electronics payments, homeland security, IT technology, healthcare solutions, geospatial solutions, payment kiosks. Role: in outsourcing agreement, it is expected from the partner, to assign some of their above tasks to the Qatari company that outsources part of their production process. In service agreement, it is expected from the partner to obtain digital conventional challenges to be solved by using the latest in Web, Android, IOS, AI, IoT, Big Data and block chain technology platforms. Reliability and intention of long-term cooperation within the considered type of collaboration is expected.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500