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Qatari manufacturer of aluminium composite panels and coated aluminium coils is looking for distributors and trade agents

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This Qatari company manufactures independently, in the State of Qatar, under Far-Eastern technology. The company has a world-class facility for manufacturing aluminium composite panels and coated aluminium coils. They are the only plant in the State of Qatar who are manufacturing such panels. The company is looking for business partners who are able to promote actively their products in all countries covered by EEN under commercial agency agreements and distribution services agreements.



This Qatar company is member of a group operating in the industry. They are committed to adapt changes in technology, vision, participation etc. in time; with an aspiration and longing to provide quality products and services. Direction and visions of leaders with abundant experience in the local and international manufacturing industry assure effective and very good management of committed tasks. Their internationally acknowledged ‘Quality Management System’ provides committed service with outstanding quality.
The company is an ISO 9001 certified company. It has set up a modern quality and testing laboratory with sophisticated and precise test equipment’s. Metal composite panels are hi-tech and highly sophisticated items that are best suited to be designated as ‘Building material of the era’.
Metal composite panels are sophisticated products with diverse applications especially airports, shopping malls, sport stadium, commercial towers, petrol stations… using building facades, false ceiling, interior partitions and decorations, embossing of complex structures , display stands.

The company would like to expand their business internationally. They are looking for partners who can promote their product under commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement. Desirable partners would be the ones who fully understand the building and construction markets with some experiences in related industry. Companies who deal with this product in other business sectors are also welcomed.

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There are several advantages for the composite panels that make it superior to conventional materials and methods. -Light weight and compact when comparing to conventional materials; this property makes it easy and convenient to use, -Metal composite panels are eco-friendly materials fully recyclable, -Size, structure lightness weightiness of composite panels helps to reduce the construction period as they can be installed easily. -Metal composite panels are economical means of curtain walling when comparing to traditional and other contemporary methods such as concrete / bricks, metal, glass etc. -Composite panels provide a good aesthetic solution giving architecture a glamorous look in comparison to customary tactics. -Apart from traditional materials, metal composite panels are easy to maintain as it can be cleaned by water and common detergent. -Noncorrosive metals and toughness of PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride or polyvinylidene difluoride) coating contributes high resistance to natural climatic / weather effects. -Property of flexibility in combination with high strength makes composite panels easy to shape into complex designs. This flexibility makes composite materials a dream of architects. -Composite panels are highly durable materials, made of highly corrosion resistant metals and strong abrasion and weather resistive coating PVDF / Polyester. PVDF coated panels have guarantee minimum 20 years of trouble-free life for coating while High-grade UV resistant polyester coating assures minimum 10 years life span. -Composite panels envelops the buildings and provides better protection to it than conventional materials, from external interference of weather.

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The company is looking for a reliable and long-term partner to cooperate with. For distributorship agreement, the partner should have: - good access to the infrastructure, commercial, industrial, building and construction sectors to be able to promote and sell the company's products - the ability and the channels to sell the company's products in the specific region of the country they are located in. - to comply with any stock and logistics requirements. - good experience in international cooperation. This partner will be able to expand the Qatari company business with the new products. The company is interested to work with a distribution with a strong background in sales and marketing in building materials. For trade agencies agreement the potential partners should already be supplying the construction and building materials sectors and should have a wide range of customer portfolio of non-conflicting brands.

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