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Qatari manufacturer of cold formed sheet piles is looking for supplier of steel roll (hot) through a manufacturing agreement.

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Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems


This Qatar company is a manufacturer of cold formed sheet piles with production facilities in Qatar. They have an installed capacity of 80.000 tons per year. They are looking for raw materials of Steel roll (hot) of Quality S235 or less to manufacture cold formed sheet piles of thickness of 5-12.5 mm. A manufacturing agreement is considered.



This Qatar company has been established in 2014 as the first low carbon steel sheet piles manufacturer in Qatar.
Their traditional business model is based on manufacturing, customization and fulfilment of cold formed steel sheet pile U shape with thickness range between 5 to 12.5 mm all over the world. Based on the decision of the company to spread and expand its client networks worldwide, they have now established this new factory to be in the lead. The revenues of the company are expected to be depending on the demand on sheet piles in the world that are factored in with investments in the construction and marine industries.
Their final products can be used in the following sectors / activities : Construction of docks and ports, waterways, breakwater, protection of rivers banks and channels, protection of construction pits in soil and water, bridge embankments, retaining walls, foundations, underground parking, underpasses, ramps and tunnels, slope protection, environmental protection and rubbish dumps , noise barriers, enclosure of contaminated soils, civil and industrial sites, civil defense, military engineering.

The Qatari company is seeking manufacturing agreements with partners from nearby countries for the manufacturing of hot steel rolls according to the Qatari company’s requests. Goals are the extension of international networks and cost-efficient production structures.

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The company is looking for a partner that should be a nearby supplier of raw materials to minimize the input costs. The company is looking for : Steel roll (hot) of quality S235 or less 1000 mm wide -1mm + 1 mm (tolerance) 6,00 – 8,00 – 10,00 - 12,50 mm thickness + 0-0,50 (tolerance)

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The partner will be a hot rolling steel mill that could provide the Qatar company with specific steel rolls through a manufacturing agreement.