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Qatari service aggregator platform is looking for partner under joint venture agreement or license agreement

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This Qatari service company brings connecting solutions for consumers to reliable service providers around them. The company’s offers a perfect procedure for looking, finding, booking, and executing any kind of service the customer requests. The company is looking for system integrators, marketing agencies, and quality service providers to sign license agreements or joint venture agreements.



This Qatari company is a service aggregator platform, giving an end-to-end solution for consumers to get connected to a reliable service provider around them in less than 60 seconds. The company’s technology offers a seamless process for searching, finding, booking, and executing the service the customer needs. This is a one stop shop for all kinds of services including home services, car services, beauty services, pet services, health, sport and fitness, and much more. This platform is also perfect for value addition for big brands looking to add value for their high value clients such as telecom companies and banks. Real estate developers, property management, and asset management companies are able to utilize this technology to handle all maintenance requirement for their properties and tenants. This company is the perfect solution for a very fragmented consumers industry where they are able to find reliable options for what need to be done in a seamless and efficient way.

The company is willing to cooperate with partners that have specialized skills in IT, under joint venture agreements. Thus, the skills of the Qatari company and those of the potential partner will be jointly addressed to the launch of the application in the targeted local market.
They are also looking for partners under license agreement. These partners like system integrators or marketing agencies will get the Qatari service software and solutions to integrate them and propose them into their own range of solutions and offers.
These partnerships should open new markets to the company connecting solutions.

Advantages & innovations

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-Service aggregator platform utilizing the latest technology to eliminate friction and offering a seamless experience to book a service. -Integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the experience of their users through chat bot integration and predictions on upcoming needs. - Their software development team is well experienced team from different IT background, as they have expertise in the latest technologies and programming language. They are dynamically formed and managed on project basis. Latest technologies in software development , but not limiting to Microsoft .Net MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, JQuery, Bootstrap. Android Studio mobile development tools.iOS x-Code development tools.No-SQL Database NEO4J, MS-SQL, Oracle 11g.

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Already on the market

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Potential partners must be IT services companies that intend to expand their service offer using big data and artificial intelligence technologies. The partner must have clients, public entities or private companies, who handle large amounts of data. Also looking for partners who have access for telecom companies and banks that want to add value to their high value client base as a premium add on service. The Qatari company is looking for key partners for joint ventures or companies interested in joint venture or license options.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250