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R&D company seeks non toxic insect glues to be tested and spread on specific materials (cardboard/plastics)

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In the frame of a new product development, a Brussels-based R&D company specialized in the development of ecological devices trapping domestic pests is looking for non toxic a hot-melt glue with a high-tack adhesive adapted to different insect species. The glues will be tested on different insect species. The SME seeks commercial agreement with technical support to spread the glue on specific materials (cardboard/plastics).



The Brussels SME is a research and development company created in 2013 as a spin-off from a Belgian university. Their principal activity is the development and sale of ecological and safe products aimed at eradicating domestic pests like house dust mites, lice, cockroaches and bed bugs.
The company studies the biology of these little pests, particularly the way they communicate with each other and the places they like to take refuge. Then, they mimic their communication (biomimicry) to lure them away from their normal refuge towards death traps.
The company do not use synthetic pesticides to kill these pests, so traps pose no danger to the human health and the environment.

The SME has developed a new model of device trapping on different species of insects. The novelty of the device is in its architecture. The company is now searching for different type of glue adapted to different insect species, mainly bed bugs, ants and cockroaches. The glues shall be aligned with the company principles of not using synthetic pesticides.

The company is looking for a glue provider that will ship glues to Belgium and will provide technical support to spread the glue on specific materials (cardboard/plastics). It is searching for a hot-melt glue with a high-tack adhesive. The partner will provide technical support via technical guidelines and/or phone helpdesk and/or onsite support to manually test the glue.

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The company seeks different types of glue to catch different types of insects in some traps - mainly bed bugs, ants and cockroaches. The requested glues shall meet all the following specifications: - must not dry out rapidly, for at least one month - be translucent or transparent and odourless. - be no toxic for human. - not contain compounds that are attractive or repulsive for insects. - be hot-melt adhesive - have a high-tack adhesive - comply with the company's policy of "no use of synthetic pesticides". The glues should be spread out in a thin layer (maximum 0.2 mm). The glues shall meet all the standards necessary to reach the EU and USA markets.

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The glue provider is expected to provide the Brussels SME with glues meeting all the requirements previously described. A technical help to spread the glues on specific materials (plastics/cardboards) will also be asked.