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Real 3D forming touch table for interactive 3D geographical information system

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A Greek SME with expertise in geo-information systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and remote sensing presents a novel product for the visualization of geospatial information upon 3D soil or sand formations. It incorporates the miniature/avatar placement and VR components and includes earth observation satellite paradigms. Private and public companies and organisations are sought interested to collaborate under the framework of commercial agreement with technical assistance.



Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) hold the promise to revolutionize education and training through enabling the implementation of new practical educational methods that increase students’ and trainees’ engagement, while at the same time boost knowledge retention. The new training methods especially when used with satellite navigation and geographic information systems can completely change the current educational paradigm about physical world structures and phenomena.

In this context, a newly established SME from Greece with specialization in geo-information systems (GIS), remote sensing and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has designed and prototyped a novel product for the visualization of geospatial information upon 3D soil or sand formations.

In particular, users of the product may reform the sand within a box/unit and the system responds accordingly, to show the geographic information (3D maps) adapted to the new morphology of the sand in near real time. It is a tangible alternative for map visualization, interaction and decision support through real time interaction. In practical terms, end-users (i.e. pupils, students) sculpture the sand in order to form/create different structures as part of practical exercises given to them. It is equipped with powerful software and hardware, which allows it to track and understand user activity, as a means of providing real-time feedback to end users concerning the completion of an exercise and the quality of the formation.

Furthermore, it offers repeatable, interactive and experience learning combined with fun. Contour maps, slope, orientation or multi-spectral data are interactively adapting to portray any new scene. The user immediately grasps the 3D geographic concepts and gradually establishes more complex relations. The system reads (through camera sensors), processes the changes, and then projects them on top of the new surface items or results according to the application at hand, almost spontaneously within milliseconds giving a direct cause-effect participatory experience.

It is offered in three (3) different versions;
-software only offered together with full guidelines on the hardware needed (support lists and specifications) and assembly instructions,
- lite & portable that is an all-in-one “lite” version including apart from the software, all the core hardware and guidelines of assembly. The main differentiator in this case is the foldable fabric container giving portability for users to use in various venues, as well as reducing overall weight,
- standard that is full-blown large-scale software/ hardware bundle which can reach up to 500kg of sand and simultaneous use of 6+ users, and is mainly addressed to promo venues.

A series of add-ons are also offered including installation, training and maintenance services, virtual reality (VR) headsets and avatars.

It is not the sole product of its kind. There are similar products on the market. However, the main difference is that the proposed technology targets education as a primary target group and also is quite modular combining advanced characteristics with main respect to spatial intelligence; its modularity in terms of number of varying interactive tools, visualizations and exercises, the incorporation of a miniature/avatar placement along with VR components, the integration of novel structured educational exercises and the inclusion of earth observation satellite paradigms.

The Greek company is looking to expand the technology and find new partners that are interested to install the proposed offering based on their own needs and requirements. Since it has immense applications in diverse sectors, different partners active in recreation, tourism (museums), natural disasters, public safety, medical health care, urban planning, land surveying and naval / marine applications are sought. The desired type of cooperation is commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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The proposed technology is a tangible alternative for map visualization, interaction and decision support in real time. Compared to existing offerings in the market, it has several innovative aspects and features. It offers interactive learning at all age levels as applications exist for all the spectrum between 3year olds and young adults alike. Also, it is extremely user friendly even at the youngest age level and the least tech savvy users. Additionally, it is portable and easily deployable as it is available in 3 sizes (software and DIY (do-it-yourself), portable version, venue standard version). It is extendable through a set of ever increasing augmented applications and avatars. Furthermore, it portrays spatial information in a comprehensible manner combining hands on fun with learning. As regards the competitive advantages, it comprises the most modular offering in terms of number of varying interactive tools, visualizations and exercises. It is the first product in the market that incorporates the miniature/avatar placement and VR components and includes earth observation satellite paradigms.

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The Greek company is interested in delivering the solution to non-exclusive partners by establishing collaborations based on commercial agreement with technical assistance. - Specific area of activity of the partner: due to the nature of the offering, the Greek company is looking for partners active within diverse sectors such as education (kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools), recreation (children activity and play venues, shopping malls with family traffic, theme and amusement parks, children theatres and cinemas, summer camps), tourism (museums), natural disasters, public safety, emergency management (evacuation in case of fire/earthquake/landslides), command centers, medical health care, urban planning, road building, land surveying and topography, environmental and naval / marine applications. - Task to be performed: to implement and configure the proposed technology to cover their own special requirements and specifications and deliver value added services to their customers.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500