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Realtime IoT (Internet of Things) based sensing solutions for automated critical data collection and management in air and water monitoring networks

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A Spanish company has developed customisable solutions (plug and play hardware and cloud technologies) to capture and monitor, even in remote areas, real-time accurate critical data in water and open-air quality. These solutions can easily be integrated into traditional or larger systems and structures. The company offers commercial agreements with technical assistance and technical cooperation agreements to environmental development, research and technology centres or universities.



A Spanish company, founded in 2014 by a team of engineers, new technologies and software programmers, works to put technology at the service of project efficiency and environmental sustainability. It has developed the only end-to-end system in the market, which combines the most ultra-energy efficient, wireless connectivity, precise and accurate monitoring available solution that can be easily integrated with pre-existent systems.

The company solutions are used worldwide in ambient air quality monitoring systems (AQMS) in 5 continents, water quality monitoring and industrial process applications by industries, businesses, private and public institutions and organizations that need to monitor and control critical parameters in real-time and anywhere. These solutions allow them reduce costs, improve processes, and measure environmental impact. The developed solutions have won several international awards and recognitions.

The company is looking to participate and add value in air and water quality monitoring critical data concerned projects where the need of critical and real time accurate data on air and water quality are a key aspect. They offer:

- commercial agreements with technical assistance, with solutions ready to use. The technical assistance would allow them to easily implement these solutions in their projects/processes; and

- technical cooperation agreements for the customization of these solution according to their needs;

to environmental development, research and technology centres or universities.

Advantages & innovations

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The company’s solutions merge IoT (Internet of Things), engineering and software knowledge with deep environment related know-how, and are configured upon the client’s requirements. It enables the deployment of data capture networks even in remote and difficult access areas at 20% of the cost of the traditional nets, with the same data quality and accuracy as the most exigent and traditional data capture system, being fully embeddable with pre-existing systems. Additional characteristics: - Ultra-efficient energy: entire system designed to consume minimum energy and maintain the ability to interact remotely. It can be connected to solar powered batteries. - Wireless: unique multi-frequency (simultaneous tri-band) wireless network. - Precision and accuracy of the measurements. - Ability to integrate easily with existing systems, with the RESTful Open API (Application Programming Interface). Easy management, calibration and maintenance. - Plug-and-play installation with easy start-up. - Portable: the scale of the device and its robustness facilitates its housing in vehicles. - Working 24/7, 365 days a year, maximum reliability and robustness even without connection to electrical grid. - Long range, bidirectional, low power consumption, high availability, multi-frequency (tri-band), noise and interferences immune, self-firmware and software error fixing. The system informs about connection times and guarantees the integrity of the information and end-to-end communications.

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Already on the market

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- Type of partner sought: Private or public companies focused on environmental development, research and technological centres or universities. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Any activity that would require having accurate and reliable data for process and environmental monitoring, i.e. aeronautics-space-and-dual-use-technologies, agrofood, environment, healthcare, intelligent energy, maritime industry, mobility, sustainable construction, tourism. - Task to be performed: To define common goals and value-added chain and processes in order to focus the project and share the expectations from each partner in the project. The Spanish company will assist in solution integration, assembly, initial installation and provide technical consultancy and know-how as well as market and collaboration expertise.