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Realtime systems for automated environmental and water monitoring networks

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A German company specialised in environmental monitoring networks offers realtime devices that can be used in water, weather and soil monitoring. GPRS data loggers allow an automated measurement of data, transmission via internet and statistical evaluation. Advantages include the devices' ease of usability and high longevity. Partners sought are industry, water suppliers or public utility companies with environmental monitoring tasks for commercial agreements and technical cooperation.



A German university spin-off company with extensive expert know-how is specialised in environmental monitoring networks. They developed and offer realtime dataloggers based on GPRS and designed to work with customary sensors. The devices can, among others, be used for the measurement of ground water level, water temperature, water quality (pH-Value, etc.), meteorological data (wind, radiation, precipitation, air pressure, humidity), oxygen, pressure probel as well as soil parameters.

The system functions as follows:
Sensors that are linked to the device transmit the data to a data logger. The data logger collects and transmits the data via internet to a central server thus allowing the central collecting of data from several remote measuring sites in a secure data-base.

The transmission of data is based on M2M (machine to machine) technology. The measurement of environmental parameters and their transmission take place automatically, with the transmission intervals being chosen by the user. Transmission can also be event-driven, i.e., it is triggered when certain threshold values are exceeded (adjustable alarm management). Since the devices are characterised by low energy consumption, they can be operated with batteries that last up to 10 years, depending on the transmission rate. An overall amount of 60.000 transmissions is possible with one set of batteries. No further maintenance is needed.

The system includes a web application that allows the processing of data, its statistical evaluation (tables, graphs) and is easy comparing of different data sets. The web solution is available in several languages; more can be added without any problems.

Data sets can be easily exported into customary spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel and automatically sent by e-mail. An infinite number of data loggers can be connected to the system. The online platform displays the different loggers on a geographical map and provides information about their signal strength. It also provides data about battery voltage, relative humidity in the housing and chip temperature.

Special advantages compared with other technological solutions are the longvity of the system, a construction of the system for outdoor environments and the flexible combination of different sensors (pressure sensors, temperature, pH, redox, humidity, oxygen).

Partners sought are industry, water suppliers or public utility companies with environmental monitoring tasks for commercial agreements with technical assistance. where the German company would help to adjust the system and technical cooperation to further develop the system.

Advantages & innovations

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- Longer life than conventional systems: up to 12 years in rough environments - Pressure- and temperature sensor from stainless steel or titanium with a precision of <= 0,1% FS (Full Scale) - Custom-made sensors for water-level, condensation, humidity, pressure, temperature, conductivity, salinity, redox, pH (also combination of ph/redox/temperature). It is possible to combine the system with other sensors - The transmission of data via internet prevents data loss. If no net is available the transmission continues once the connection is re-established. - The Hardware is optimised for locations without infrastructure. - Lower follow-up costs occur than with conventional systems because no periodical maintenance is needed as long as the batteries are working. Hardware is optimised for measurement sites without infrastructure. - Interoperability of different system parts ensures the overall ease of use - The software programme automates much of the tedious programming, data collection and manual data processing which is common with other data collection systems - Selfassessment of the Logger System - System is based upon near field radio interface (433 MHz) and not on Bluetooth. This ensures data safety and prevents it from being hacked.

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Type of partner sought: Private companies, public utility companies, water suppliers, environmenal consultancy Role of partner sought: Commercial and technical cooperation adjusting the system to the partners requirements, further development of the system. The German company will assist in assembly, initial installation and provide technical consultancy and know-how.