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Recycling company from Greece is looking for a glass label removal solution for bottles under a technical agreement

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Chemical and solid material recycling
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A medium-sized Greek company is active in the field of solid waste recycling. The company is looking for a suitable technology for removing labels from glass surfaces, under commercial agreement with technical assistance.



A medium-sized Greek company is active in the field of recycling since 1994. The company undertakes collection and the management of solid waste for municipalities, large companies etc. The company is dealing with the sorting of recyclable solid waste regarding paper and glass. The company aims to recycle the packaging materials as well as to the promotion of recyclable materials in Greece and abroad, like paper industries, plastic industries, metal industries, etc.

In the phase of optical separation, glass-tagged pieces go to waste, because the system recognizes the labeled glass pieces as foreign bodies. A technological solution is sought in which it will be possible to remove labels and glue residues from the glass without altering its composition, in order to allow further processing.

The Greek company would like to cooperate with technical providers of specialized recycle equipment under a commercial agreement with technical cooperation.

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The Greek SME is looking for a technical or technological solution of removing labels of glass surfaces. Especially, the proposed method should provide for removing labels and glue residues from glass (glass bottles, vases, etc.) by cleaning or burning and for glass surfaces that are not necessarily flat.

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The Greek company is looking for a suitable partner company to provide a technological solution for removing labels from glass surfaces under commercial agreement with the necessary technical assistance. The partner could be an integrator or a producer of suitable equipment for this process.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250