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Renowned Bulgarian manufacturer of male, female and children shirts is looking for long-term partnership and order fulfilment under manufacturing agreement

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The Bulgarian company specialises in the production of male, female and children shirts, blouses and polo-shirts. Their main clients are Versace and Armani. They also have a strong presence on the German market as all the uniform shirts of DeutscheBahn are produced by them. They work with the clients’ materials, but they also sell ready product. Thus, the company is looking for a long-term partnership under manufacturing agreement.



The company was founded in 2002 in the North-West of Bulgaria, in a city located by the Danube river. They work with the clients’ materials, but they also manufacture and sell ready products, like shirts, female blouses as well as polo-pique shirts.
Their production base is 2500 sq.m. There are 4 production lines. The laundry department is 400 sq.m. The embroidery department is 80 sq.m. The daily capacity is 1500 pieces. Three of the production lines are specialised in the production of male and female shirts and the fourth one is specialised in the production of polo-shirts. They have a cutting department, packaging & ironing department, thread cleaning & quality control department. There is also a sampling department. The number of employees is 240.
The type of products they produce include short- as well as long-sleeve male, female and children shirts. They also specialise in the production of polo-shirts. The company has fulfilled numerous orders of female blouses, too, for the German company Fior da Liso.
The Bulgarian company has been a reliable partner to Versace, delivering more than 40 000 polo-shirts. Emporio Armani is another client of the company. For Armani, they produce male and female shirts, as well as children shirts.
For the past 5 years, they have provided many reputable companies, such as Volkswagen AG, Land Rover, DeutscheBahn as well as Porsche AG with their uniform male and female shirts.
The company's production process starts at their CAD-CAM system department, where a pattern is drawn with the help of their plotter printers, after which the ready patterns are sent to the cutting department where they start laying the fabric. They can also digitalize an already sewn shirt and upload it’s pattern to the printer plotters thanks to their digitizer GERBER. After the fabric is laid up, the drawn patterns are put on top of it, after which the cutting process begins – according to the patterns, they cut out single elements of a shirt, such as a right or a left sleeve, a collar or even a cuff. After all these elements are cut, the elements are then transferred to the production lines. It is important to note that every collar, collar stand and cuff are interlined before they are attached to what is going to be the shirt.
For the attachment of the elements and the complete sewing of the shirts, they use last generation of JUKI and PFAFF sewing machines. In order to optimize the production process and to be as efficient as possible, the company also uses 9 sewing automats MAICA. The automats are especially made for: inner stitching of the collar and cuffs, sewing of sleeve placket, sewing of button holes, sewing of pockets, sewing of buttons, folding of front plackets, ironing of cuffs, interlining of cuffs, and for collar alignment.
For the ironing of the ready products the company uses TREVIL TECHNIC ironing boards and steam generators. The interlining department is equipped with 4 fusing presses – CANGIESSER, 2 MEYER MECOMAT, MALKAN.
Their embroidery automats are 2 – BROTHER and ZSK.
Their laundry department is equipped with washing machines, dryers and an industrial ironing machine. They have more than 5 MIELE washing machines, as well as 3 CPN and 3 FAS industrial washing machines. They use the best washing detergents which are directly flown into the machines through automated pumps. There is also a possibility to soften produced shirts and blouses.
To dry the washed laundry they use 4 IPSO industrial dryers.
To iron the laundry, an industrial ironing machine, also CPN is used.
The Bulgarian company is looking for long-term partnerships with other European companies, which are expected to either buy their ready product or order certain quantities providing clients' own materials.

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From its establishment, the company's main focus is on the quality of the products they sell to their customers. Their strategic location in North-Western Bulgaria allows for faster export in the EU. Their employees are qualified and well trained. For the past two years the company has taken a step towards Industry 4.0. They have implemented a CAD-CAM system, which enables them to make everything from creating a certain model to the end of the production stage. As part of their equipment there are 9 sewing automats bought from MAICA Italy. They have 2 embroidery machines, as well as a laundry department.

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The company is currently looking for long-term partnerships with West-European companies, which are interested in buying a ready product from them, or are ready to place orders to them with the clients’ own materials. Thus, the Bulgarian company is interested in manufacturing agreement. They choose this type of partnership, as they have the production base, high qualified employees and high-end production technology. The quality they offer is very high, since they pay attention to the small details. Over the years the company has proven itself as a reliable partner to many world renowned brands.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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