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A research organisation and a digital health company seek commercial partner for new Australian trial

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A UK digital health company is working with a national research organisation in Australia to trial their remote mobile health platform to improve patient lives and facilitate scientific research. They are looking for someone in the EEN network with existing business in Australia, to leverage evidence gathered for the commercialisation of the product for a particular respiratory condition and for many others. Type of cooperation: commercial agreement with technical assistance, joint venture.



A UK digital health company has launched a secure mobile health platform with a much broader approach than the current offering. Existing solutions deliver for single conditions/one user/one language. This platform solution allows for multiple users and multiple languages at all times, which offers partners to think global on data studies.
The platform is patient-centric but approved by subject matter experts. Patients control their own data and can share relevant and specific data with those working to improve their health. The company has 15 conditions currently built but continues to expand its offering. The platform facilitates the easy capture, sharing and analysis of any relevant data points. Data is brought to life for the user via dashboards and graphs, allowing for a better understanding. The data is structured which lends itself to use in AI and scientific research.
The company are keen to work with medium-large companies with an interest in health. The current Australian trial will focus on a respiratory condition, but the company is working on a personalised healthcare approach which will facilitate all health conditions and co-morbidities. The company is keen to help validate joint programmes with any new partner via their new platform in collaboration with subject matter experts.
The type of co-operation may include a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a joint venture.

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The company has built relationships with experts in other therapy areas (metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological, prostate cancer) all looking towards a digital solution to solve population health issues. These can also be explored. In addition to these relationships, the company is in discussions with a major UK PLC and a medical food company for the distribution and scaling of their product for a global market. The advantages highlighted include: • Co-morbidity management (important for chronic and complex conditions); • Better patient control and engaging of multiple users; • Simultaneous usage of multiple languages; • Realtime, real-world observational studies at internet scale.

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Field tested/evaluated

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Type of partner sought: industry Specific area of activity of partner sought: Telecommunications; Telehealth; Medtech; BioTech; Pharma; or similar. Role of partner sought: Commercial buildup is needed to roll out the solution (and future solutions). Partners’ own clinical pathways (globally) can also be enhanced and validated quickly under a technical cooperation.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500