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Robotised and innovative automatic hydroponic systems

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An Italian startup, based in Rome, has developed an innovative robot in the frame of European international cooperation. The robot is able to automate all systems of "vertical farming". The startup is interested in extending its market (actually in Europe and North America). The SME is looking for partners in research projects, collaboration in private research and development initiatives and commercial agreement with technical assistance, mainly in Europe and extra-UE



Established in 2015, the Startup company has an initial experience based on the culture and cycles/process for the growth of hydroponic plants. Later, the interest has been focused on the automation of this type of growth. This is the base for the Lean Intelligent Agriculture (LIA) robot product. This innovative robot has already received several prizes, it is patented especially for the proprietary in self-calibration devices probes calibrations.

The company has already experienced international collaborations in the agrifood and food tech fields.
This industrial environment has been the driving force for the development and production in an industrial perspective of a new robot version, that let us use the exclusive license for the grafting of cartridges that deal with regulating water levels.

The company would like to expand its market and consolidate its product.
-collaborative research activities are foreseen, both with other industrial partners able to invest in the development of new robot versions with better performances.
The company has been granted with a patent about the autocalibration of the probes for PH and EC, both are really important in hydroponic and aeroponic. The company can offer the whole patent or the license for transferring technology to third parties.
The company is also interested in partnerships in research funded projects, where the robot can be utilized for experimental testing campaigns
-Commercial agreement with technical assistance: in this case the company is looking for distributors and partners.

Advantages & innovations

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The focus of the innovation is the module of analysis and its calibration of the sensors is patented. The advantage is to reduce the product and simplifying the scalability of the product sale, not requiring more know-how related to the growth of plants, nor excessive economic expenditure.

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Field tested/evaluated

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The company is interested in a partner skilled in preparation and filling of cartridges bottles with the chemicals for the field treatments. Moreover, the SME is open to partnerships in research funded projects, where the robot can be utilized for experimental testing campaigns and prototyping demonstration. In this case the company should warranty assembly competence for the robot customisation. -Commercial agreement with technical assistance are envisaged: in this case the company is looking for distributors and partners that can contribute with storage and logistics