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Roma/Gypsy design and fashion brand from Hungary is looking for distributor partners in Europe (agents, showrooms and distributors)

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Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)


A successful Hungarian social enterprise, producing unique women’s apparel and handmade jewelry, is looking for partnerships with European distributors having good connections to agents, showrooms, concept stores. The fashion brand offers a wide range of garments, handbags, accessories made by Roma/Gypsy women and inspired by traditional Roma motifs. The firm has a well-established customer base and sales channels in Hungary and seeks to expand and consolidate its presence on the market.



The fashion brand – established in 2010 - combines design and social entrepreneurship to promote Roma culture and builds on its designers’ vision about cultural diversity and dialogue. The company is highly committed to social responsibility, as it promotes the culture of a minority group through fashion. The company has an adult training program that helps unemployed Roma women who are discriminated at labour market.

The label launches high quality and unique collections, organises immensely popular fashion shows and cultural events, and has an established presence on social and traditional media through its involvement of brand ambassadors (brand visibility through a celebrity).

The enterprise offers a variety of women garments combining modern cuts and fabrics with traditional cashmere rose and flower motives and unique prints: dresses, skirts, blouses and jackets. It has a successful line of hand-made textile handbags and accessories which resemble impressionist paintings.

The Hungarian company targets women with over-average income, between 25 and 50 of age. Its target segment is those who are regular fashion consumers and prefer designer brands. They are open to novelties, interested in fashion and their self-image is congruent with the values that the company carries. Thus, they think of themselves as being creative, romantic, independent, freedom-loving, open minded individuals who have the courage to break social norms.

The company would like to expand its business and is looking for distributors abroad. Partnership is envisaged through distribution services agreement.

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In this fashion label social impact, high-fashion and business potential are closely intertwined. It is the very first Roma-owned and Roma-designed fashion label that tells and re-tells the story of Roma identity through the language of fashion and design. They have a unique mission to change the discourse on Roma people, by conveying messages about Roma culture, heritage, and identity and using fashion and design as powerful tools to challenge stereotypes. As a fashion label, it does not identify itself as an ‘ethnic brand’. They believe that their design fits more into the boho-chic trends that value liberty, joy for life, and happiness. - The fashion label promotes Roma culture and builds on the aesthetic roots of traditional Roma communities and their clothing customs. - The brand aims to create unique and timeless pieces that are just as modern as traditional. - The designers have won several national prizes (Marie Claire) - Using unique prints and high quality materials

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Already on the market

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This Hungarian fashion and design brand is planning to expand their business in the European region so they are looking for European partners who want to sign up for distribution services agreement. Potential partner should be the vendor with more than 3 years of experiencing in distributing the relevant products with a network of suitable online/offline fashion stores.

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SME 11-50,SME <10