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Romanian company active in the field of semi-finished products, industrial products and stainless steel accessories is offering its services under subcontracting agreements

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A Romanian company specialised in the field of stainless materials, such as stainless steel sheets, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel bars, fittings and other stainless steel accessories is offering a wide range of stainless materials with applicability in many industries, from chemical, textile, food, stationery to generators. The company is also providing professional laser cutting and processing & finishing services. The Romanian company is offering to become a subcontractor.



Established in Transylvania in 2009, the Romanian company is active in the field of semi-finished products, industrial products, and stainless steel accessories. Well-known on the internal market, the company is one of the most important partners in the field of distribution of stainless steel materials and an exceptional service provider related to stainless materials at the national level.
With a high storage capacity of materials in its own 3 warehouses, a dedicated logistics network and a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in this field, the Romanian company is offering a wide range of products, as it follows:
● stainless steel sheets (e.g. cold-rolled sheets, hot rolled sheets, perforated sheets, and stainless steel sheet surfaces);
● stainless steel bars (e.g. flat stainless steel bars, stainless steel bars L, U, T profiles, round, square and hexagonal stainless steel bars);
● stainless steel pipes (e.g. welded pipes, drain pipes, square and rectangular pipes);
● stainless steel accessories (e.g. electrodes, welding wires, welding rods).
The Romanian company is also offering to its clients the following related services:
-professional advice;
-laser cutting (flat products, steel, carbon and aluminum, bending, drilling, chamfering, trimming);
-processing and finishing (polishing brushes, cutting discs, polishing paste).
Already known on the internal market as reliable partners, the Romanian company is interested in enlarging its clients’ portfolio by finding foreign SMEs in order to conclude subcontracting agreements.

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With almost 10 years of experience in dealing with semi-finished products, industrial products and stainless steel accessories, the Romanian company owns 3 warehouses and an internal logistics network. The Romanian company offers a wide range of products, such as: ■stainless steel sheets & strips, ■stainless steel bars, ■angles, ■drawn, welded & rectangular pipes; ■ fittings; ■ stainless steel accessories; ■ welding and finishing materials. The semi-finished products, industrial products and stainless steel accessories offered by the Romanian company can be used within the chemical industry, textile industry, stationery, food sector etc. The Romanian company has a professional staff able to offer proper advice and quality services for laser cutting and processing and finishing.

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The partner sought could be an SME or a large company looking for a company to whom to assign a part of their work, related to semi-finished products, industrial products and stainless steel accessories, under subcontracting agreements. The field of activity of the potential partner can go from manufacturing of industrial products to related services, from the chemical industry to the textile industry and stationery or even food area. The foreign partner should be interested in long term services and previous trans-national experience would be appreciated.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250