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Romanian company developing an elder monitoring system is looking for distributors

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One of the leading software developer companies in Romania providing solutions for social care, developed an elder monitoring system which records different indicators such as hearth related problems and cognitive impairments and alerts family members and monitoring staff when needed. The company is looking for partners or social care centres that provide monitoring services under the distribution services agreement.



The company was established in 2000, in Romania and it became one of the leading software developer companies on the national market, providing e-government solutions for over 1000 public administration institutions (cities, county counsels, schools, universities and private business). Having 100 employees, the company develops innovative instruments for local taxes management, water management, social economy, e-Health and other services related to public administration.
They have many relevant achievements which include:
a. the creation of Romania’s national electronic payment system for local and national taxes
b. an ICT-PSP project that delivers an open platform on top of which it develops, three "smart city" services:
-improved inclusion and personal mobility of aging and diversely able citizens through an accurate city-level differently-abled-friendly personal routing service which accounts for detailed urban layout, features and barriers.
-optimization of energy consumption through a service for accurate assessment of solar energy potential and energy loss at building level.
-environmental monitoring through a real-time environmental noise mapping service.
c. an ESA contract on deploying a data analytics platform for satellite and local data, as member of an international consortium covering Poland, Romania and Czech Republic
d.an Horizon 2020 SME instrument Phase 1 Project on the topic of engaging SME’s in space research.
Starting from the social assistance specific expertise and as part of the company’s social responsibility activities, the client has developed an elder monitoring system, that helps improve families’ quality of life, starting from the elderly members. The system is based on smartwatches using the Tizen operating system, which are GPS and GSM enabled and able to sense elders’ pulse, determine location and transmit data via mobile networks. The system usage is currently restricted to socio-medical centers that provide home care and monitoring. The main focuses in developing the system were non-invasivness (as the company values privacy) and ease of use (as most elders have limited or no technical skills). Using independent smartwatches reduces the risk of elders forgetting their devices. Two types of health issues have been taken into account: heart related problems (through pulse monitoring) and cognitive impairments (geofencing and location). High or low pulse values, location and geofencing alerts are displayed on a map in the socio-medical center, while SMS alerts are sent to monitoring staff and/or family members. Elders are provided with an easy to use panic button which directly places a call to an elder monitoring centre and also can receive phone calls on their device. Envisaged system upgrades include new devices (sensors) being used (e.g. blod pressure, blood oxygen levels and glucose levels). The project’s relevance comes from the employment of mobile technologies and the need to tackle (both from the technical and regulations point of view) with the collection and protection of sensitive personal data – location, health state and identification. They provide a threat-vulnerability-risk assessment concerning security policies for personal monitoring, both regarding general European and Romanian specific regulations.
Their expertise in working with the public administration and its continuous contribution in innovation in the public sector have conducted towards attempting to grow beyond the national barriers and innovate to a European level, developing projects that would benefit public authorities, citizens and business across Europe.
The client is looking for distributors or social care centers that provide monitoring services. They are also interested to adapt and develop their solution in partnership according to the client’s needs. They target public authorities acting in the social care system as well, offering integrated solutions for social care services.

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The non-invasive and easy to use solution does not require an associated phone or the usage of other devices. The alerting system enables both family members and social workers to reach the person rapidly. Using a smartwatch is especially useful for patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease because family members can strap the watch on, so they reduce the risk of the elderly forgetting to wear it. Central monitoring from a day-care centre or other institutional facility helps reduce costs for caring for multiple elders at the same time and provides carers relevant statistics based on the number of elders monitored. It is important to mention that the company developed the software described below, while the hardware (smartwatch) is purchased – commercial of the shelf. They collaborate with more than one supplier in order to avoid ordering deficiencies. The company is also able to provide their elder monitoring system for companies that already have their own devices, situation in which the system is adapted to those devices.

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The client is looking for distributors that can promote the elder monitoring system and also for social care public authorities and social care centres that need smart solutions for elder monitoring.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250