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Romanian company manufacturer of notebooks made of stone paper is looking for distributors

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Located in Transylvania, a Romanian start-up produces and sells notebooks, agendas and other stationery products made of stone paper. The stone paper consists of 80% of calcium carbonate, extracted from recycled stones, and 20% of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The Romanian company is looking for international partners under distribution services agreement.



Established in Transylvania in 2017, the Romanian start-up is producing and selling notebooks, agendas and related products made of 100% organic paper based on recycled stone materials.

The Romanian start-up is actively involved in the processing and finishing of the stone paper, which is then transformed into notebooks, agendas and other stationery products that are sold on the internal market via on-line retailers.
The notebooks and agendas come in various sizes of, with different colours and designs, covering the demands of customers. The inner pages of the notebooks and agendas are made of this new type of paper, making the products waterproof and tear-proof and offering a different writing experience, because stone paper is softer and whiter than the traditional paper.

The stone paper consists of 2 elements: stone, namely 80% calcium carbonate extracted from recycled stone and 20% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) (the calcium carbonate particles are combined using high-density polyethylene).
The stone used within the process is obtained from old mines, decommissioned constructions or any other place where stones are found. On the other hand, the HDPE is obtained from plastic bottles or other discarded plastic products, which instead of being dumped at the landfill, are recycled and transformed in HDPE.
Therefore, the stone paper not only leads to forests’ protection, but is also made from waste.

The Romanian notebooks and agendas are made in Transylvania by a young and energetic team delivering quality and environmentally friendly products, but also willing to enlarge its distribution area; to this end, the Romanian start-up is looking for foreign partners interested in selling its stone paper products abroad based on a distribution services agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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The stone paper used in the production process is waterproof; thus, coffee, wine, juice or other beverages will not affect the notebooks and agendas produced by the Romanian start-up. Another advantage of the Romanian stone paper products is tear-resistance, for the stone paper is more resistant to tearing, although it is as flexible as the traditional paper. In addition, the design of notebooks is trendy, making them valued among those who prefer products characterized by both utility and accessory.

Partner sought

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The Romanian start-up is interested in entering new markets by identifying foreign partners willing to sell the Romanian products abroad. Cooperation will be based on a distribution services agreement. The partners sought could be SMEs interested in selling the Romanian performant, easy to use and environmentally friendly stone paper notebooks and agendas on the external market. Potential partners could be distributors, importers and wholesalers active in the field of stationery products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


Notebooks made of stone paper