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A Romanian company, manufacturer of trimmings and narrow fabrics, offers its products under manufacturing agreement or distribution service agreement

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Advanced Textile Materials
Textile fibres
Woven technical textiles for industrial applications
Medical Textiles
Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Other speciality materials
Textiles (synthetic and natural)
Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics
Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles


The company is one of the main Romanian producers in the field of trimmings and narrow fabrics. The products are manufactured for commercial, medical, technical use or for fashion industry, with tailored design. The company has a modern facility and machine-tools that allow manufacturing of high quality products. The partnership with a beneficiary from any EEN country should be a manufacturing agreement or a distribution service agreement.



Located in West Region Romania, with 100% Romanian private capital and based on over 90 years of expertise in the field, the company produces: ribbons, tapes, woven and knitted elastics, printed articles, elastic and rigid webbing, woven and printed labels, curtain tapes, hooks and loops.
The company owns technical equipment for a complete technological process (hatched, bobbins, weaving, dyeing, packaging) and uses as raw materials yarns from nylon, polyester, cotton and cotton type, polypropylene, viscose, natural rubber, elastomers, dyes and textile auxiliaries. This allows the production of highly finished items that need dyeing, bleaching, dressing or fireproofing.
The products are used in the commercial, medical, technical fields or in the fashion industry. In the last years, due to the acquisition of new machinery, the company started to produce more technical fabrics such as rigid and elastic tapes and special destination garments.
In addition to the production capabilities, there are two integrated laboratories through which the raw material and the products are tested during the different stages of the manufacturing.

The company is already well inserted in the trimmings and narrow fabric market. Because of its high flexibility and the availability to produce small lots of tailor made products, the company seeks new partners - beneficiaries for its products.

The business offer consists of:
- manufacturing of trimmings and narrow fabrics according to the client’s specifications or sample. The company provides also in-house design, technology, raw material sourcing, testing and delivery.
- offering for distribution a series of high quality own products.

The partnership sought is either a manufacturing agreement for a tailor made product at the clients’ request or a distribution agreement for already existing products.
The partner is sought in any EEN country.

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The company is able to offer integrated services of design, sample making, laboratory testing, production, raw material sourcing and delivery. The company bears with experienced, highly skilled staff. The products are manufactured in various quantities, from small to mass production. The main advantage of the products is the high quality obtained by the manufacturing in a professional environment, based on almost 100 years of expertise in the field.

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Already on the market

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The partner sought is a company from any EEN country that needs trimmings or narrow fabrics either for its own use or for distribution. The partnership sought is: - either a manufacturing agreement for a specific product - a tailor made product to which the Romanian company offers design, sample making, production, fabric sourcing and/or delivery. The partner is a company in any filed of activity: industry, textile, health, military that need a specific product. The partner will offer samples or drawings of the product and will approve the final product before launching the production, - or a distribution services agreement for the company’s products. The partner is a distribution company that will resale the companies products. The conditions of the contract will be established upon negotiation. Business ethics and mutual respect are important.