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Romanian company is offering customized furniture production under manufacturing agreement and distribution services agreement.

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The Romanian company, specialized in customized furniture production for domestic interiors, is offering its services under manufacturing agreement and distribution services agreement. The company is interested in cooperation with distribution companies, designers and direct customers from EU countries. The company will ensure the transport of the furniture to the final destination and will also provide detailed assembly instructions, addressed to a specialist.



The Romanian company founded in 2007, is specialized in manufacturing furniture for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Having over 12 years of experience in producing furniture for home interiors, the company is now willing to expand on the foreign markets.

The company is looking to cooperate with designers, companies active in furniture distribution for the interiors or with direct customers. The company is looking for partners to offer furniture production services, under manufacturing agreement and distribution services agreement.

The company constantly develops its technical competences and material processing capabilities in order to use a wide range of materials: from 18mm wood aggregates tiles and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to massive wood, Corian (composite material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate) and granite. The CNC (computer numerical control) production processes provide high accuracy dimensions and samples using inhouse made design and drawings. Virtual 3D plans and renderings are used to fit the furniture in the client space. The company is also open to working with the customer's own designs.

The company in-house processes are completed with outsourced collaborations such as: processing the iron elements and thermoforming the Corian (composite material) pieces. The medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and wood doors milling and coloring patterns also result from collaboration with local partners.

The processing capacity consists of:

- Martin T65 panel saw: saw disc max. 550 mm, tilt <46 degrees, cutting width 850 mm, cutting height 204 mm, table length 3000 mm
- Robland Z3200 panel saw: saw disc max. 450x30 mm, tilt <45 degrees, cutting width (side table) 1380 mm, cutting width (digital screen) 1500 mm, cutting height 145 mm, cutting height at 45 degrees 100 mm, mobile table 400x3200 mm, fixed table 1530x700 mm, total cutting length 3200 mm
- Homag soft forming machine: working speed 11 m/min
- Homag CNC vertical drilling machine: max dimension of parts - 2500mm x 850mm x 60mm; working speed - (X) 30 - (Y) 30 - (Z) 15 m/min
- Minipress P milling machine (drilling and insertion of metallic hinges)
- Hammer A3 41A straightening and carting machine: working width 410 mm
- Felder F700 Z Tilting Spindle Moulder: table opening (Spindle tilts rearwards) from 90°-45°, Molder spindle Ø 30 mm, usable height 115 mm
- Makita bandsaw machine: hight cutting capacity165 mm, width cutting capacity 305 mm, cutting band dimensions 2240x6/16, cutting speed min/max 6.7/13.7 m/s
- Festool Conturo KSP-KA 65, round edge and ABS applying machine
- Sewing machine Durkopp Adler M TYPE, with two needles, suitable for thick materials (including leather)
- Grinding and polishing machine BERNARDO HV 80 OSZI (straight, round and angle profiles)
- Circular and angular saw machine
- IMOS CAD - design software licenses on 4 computer stations
- IMOS PLAN - design software licenses on 4 computer stations

Outsourced processes machines:

- Emmedue circular saw machine for preparation of the initial cuts from the raw material sheets
- Intermac 3 axis CNC (computer numerical control) machine able to work thicknesses from 20mm to 100 mm (the tools owned by the company can process thicknesses of 20mm and 30 mm)
- glass CNC (computer numerical control) cutting and edge-forming

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During the 12 years presence on the market, the company developed the ability to design the whole project starting from customer sketches to blueprints and final renderings for visual approval. The internal company structure covers all steps from the idea to the final product: product design, project engineering, furniture production, and sales. The company is also able to process the following operations via external partners: marble, granite, Corian (composite material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate) processing. The company production process is done with CNC (computer numerical control) machines.

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The Romanian company is interested in partnership with designers which need complete services – manufacturing of ready to use customized furniture MDF, wood or 18mm wood aggregates tiles products. The cooperation with foreign designers should be arranged under a manufacturing agreement. Furthermore, the company is looking for an international long-term cooperation agreement in the form of the distribution agreement with companies active in distributing furniture products for the interiors. The ideal partner should be a retailer of interior furniture products, having its own showroom network. Another type of partner could be a distributor of furniture with a network of furniture shops. Also, a manufacturing agreement according to specific furniture designs can be discussed with foreign designers. The partner should speak English or French, to be customer-oriented, having experience in the production of furniture and interior fittings. The partner's experience in project planning would be appreciated. Materials preferred are wood, MDF or 18mm wood aggregates tiles, and only quality brands metal fittings.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250