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Romanian company is offering an innovative oil additive for the automotive industry under a distribution services agreement

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Lubricants and functional fluids
Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
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A Romanian exclusive distributor of an innovative engine oil additive is looking for partners to sell its product, based on a distribution services agreement. The engine oil additive is eco-friendly, ensures low maintenance cost, a decrease of the fuel consumption and guarantees travel of approximately 300.000 km without an oil change or oil filter change.



The Romanian company is located in the North-West part of the country, close to the Hungarian border, trading a wide range of equipment and machinery for various industries as its main activity.
The offered concentrated super lubricant is an engine oil additive that ensures 300.000 km of travel, without oil change or oil filter change. It is patented by an Italian manufacturer, under a production license from the Italian state, but the Romanian company obtained the exclusivity for the product's distribution.
The engine oil additive consists mainly of 3 elements. Due to industrial confidentiality, specific formulas or names of components will not be published, but the category of belonging is mentioned.
The first component is a special polymer, used by NASA in spaceships, which reduces the friction of parts by up to 85%.
The second element is titanium, which prevents bacteria from attacking the oil and thus the engine oil will not degrade.
The third element is a small amount of oil, of an exclusive formula, coming directly from the Italian manufacturer's refineries.

Currently the company is distributing the oil additive only on the Romanian market.

In order to expand its business, the Romanian exclusive distributor of the Italian patented engine oil additive is looking for partners to distribute the product on foreign markets, excluding the Italian market.

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The oil additive has a unique international patented formula and brings the following benefits to the users: - Engine life increased by 100% - Fuel consumption reduced by 20% - Engine noise level reduced by 50% - Reduction of friction between parts by 85% - Low maintenance costs - Protecting the environment

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Already on the market

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The company is seeking for partners interested in the distribution of its engine oil additive for the automotive, transport and logistics industry, under a distribution agreement, in order to reach new international markets. The ideal partners would be: 1. experienced distribution agents with a wide portfolio of customers in the field of automotive, transport and logistics industry willing to promote and distribute the additive within their area 2. spare parts shops willing to promote and distribute the additive among its private clients or to auto repair shops

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500