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Romanian company offers its specialised design and installation services for photovoltaic panels systems under outsourcing agreements and is also looking for agents for their products

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A Romanian distributor of photovoltaic panels, installation kits and inverters is interested in finding partners under commercial agency agreements. Also, they are offering their services for projecting and installing these systems under outsourcing agreements. They are interested in partners from Germany, Austria and Italy.



The Romanian company, established in 2018, is very much oriented towards the green energy sector, trying to bring their solar energy products to as many clients as possible, in order to have a safe environment.
In the last year, EU power production from wind and solar power overtook coal, meaning that they have become as competitive, or even cheaper, than fossil fuels in most places and as the technologies have become more accessible, citizens have also become more interested in them.
The company is providing solar modules structures for the Romanian market, acting as representatives for major producers, thus offering high quality products for the renewable energy sector. They are distributing photovoltaic system parts such as photovoltaic panels, installation kits and inverters. The solar panels offered are coming from a producer with more than 60 years of experience, they are tested and certified and have 10-year warranty. The inverters’ key benefits are their 99% weighted efficiency, they are small, lightweight and easy to install. They offer a high reliability due to lower heat dissipation and advanced safety features, with a 12-year warranty offered by the producer. The company also offers complete installation kits, which include photovoltaic panels, invertors, accessories according to the needs and installation services. These solutions start from a base kit, with the flexibility of offering different accessories and products, according to each client and project, all the components being economically and technical compatible, thus being able to offer optimal solutions.
They are willing to identify partners in the foreign markets that are also interested in becoming agents for these products, under commercial agency agreements.
The main specialisation of the Romanian company is service provider. They are offering consulting services, by designing and projecting photovoltaic systems according to the client’s needs and environment, based on complex mathematic model, on the experience of its engineers and on the comprehensive understanding of the financial implications of each investment. Moreover, the company is offering installation services for that designs and projections, based on an experienced team.
They are willing to enter foreign markets with these full services, so they are looking for partners interested in the renewable energy field and willing to develop photovoltaic projects. They are offering their services under outsourcing agreements for companies that want to start projects and need a service provider on the solar energy sector. They can offer complete solutions, with products and installation teams, in the desired countries.
The targeted markets for their offer are Germany, Austria and Italy.

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- The company is representative of major producers, offering high-quality products - Their products have more than 10 year-warranty, depending on the type. - They have an experienced team of engineers, able to provide best services - The company respects ISO quality standards - They offer a double component to their partners - both product supplying and service providing, appropriately mixing them to offer added value

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The company is looking for partners willing to act as agents for their products. These partners should have experience in the renewable energy field. For the outsourcing agreements, they are looking for companies willing to develop photovoltaic projects and are in need of a specialist in design and installment of the systems, willing to establish an outsourcing agreement. They are mostly interested in partners from Germany, Italy and Austria.


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Austria, Germany, Italy