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Romanian company offers online business simulation games under distribution services agreements

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A Romanian company offers an online digital market practice game-application for distribution by interested partners. The game is meant for supporting the development of online businesses through web marketing learning. Potential partners are companies offering e-learning services. Distribution agreements will be concluded with companies interested in this cooperation opportunity.



A Romanian company developed an e-learning solution aimed at supporting online businesses through web marketing learning. The solution proposed consists of a simulation game for digital practice.
The application is structured as a bidirectional web marketing learning system, with 2 account types: one for students and one for professors.
By using the simulation game, learners will experience how to initiate and track an online marketing campaign in a high-fidelity environment. The game is recommended to be played as part of a team. The user interface is similar to that of systems which are used by online marketing professionals and planners.
The game aims to improve knowledge and understanding in these areas:
• How online advertising can provide a fast and measurable method for validation of sales propositions
• Awareness towards the main methods of performing e-Marketing operations including: Search Engine Marketing, Website Management, E-mail newsletters
• Knowledge in planning, managing and measuring outreach campaigns
• How to measure and improve online channel sales through iterative operations
At the same time, apart from standard simulations, the company is also able to offer customised solutions. The e-learning solution is available in English.

The Romanian company is interested in expanding its current client portfolio by identifying new international partners. In this regard, the company offers its simulation game for distribution by firms active in the e-learning solutions domain which are interested in expanding the range of services offered.
Cooperation with the potential partners will be based on distribution services agreements.

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The company is present in several European countries, enjoying the relevant expertise required for delivering both standard and customised services. Standard services offered include: licensing of business simulation games and services, product education and marketing support and materials. Custom services include: specific consultancy in the field of educational materials design, educational resources research, design and development, course design, development of new digital materials for the topics of digital transformation, doing business and marketing online, e-business, ICT. The complex, discrete-event simulation model uses real-world data to offer learners practice of operational concepts such as Managing Paid Placement of Ad properties on Search Engine Results Pages (commonly referred to as Pay-per-Click Marketing or abbreviated PPC), sending out E-mail newsletters to a virtual list of subscribers and also the process of managing Website Landing Pages. Landing Pages are web properties that serve as destination for ad placements and which require an action from a visitor – e.g. a sale, the completion of an e-mail web form field. The game has a competitive aspect which allows students to compare their results to that of their peers thus instilling motivation and higher engagement with the system.

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Potential partners are companies interested in improving business education and training and are looking to improve their portfolio of offered services with a scalable and versatile web service solution. The potential partner is ideally already offering e-learning and consulting services to businesses and/or universities. Cooperation with the companies interested will be based on distribution services agreements, under International Licensing.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250