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A Romanian company owning a sawmill and producing high-quality timber is looking for acquisition partners

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Wood Products
Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
Sawmilling and planing of wood
Manufacture of other builders´ carpentry and joinery


A Romanian company operating in the wood industry is looking for a buyer for a sawmill and timber manufacturing plant, which is located in the western area of Romania. The company produces high-quality timber from solid wood. The type of partnership sought is an acquisition agreement.



The Romanian company, founded in 2004, has a tradition in processing and trading wood, offering quality lumber at competitive prices.

They are part of a group of companies dealing with forwarding and export activities and have known a permanent improvement and growth throughout the years, so that the company became an important player in the wood related industry by owning a sawmill, located in the western area of Romania, in the Hunedoara county.

The sawmill operates on a total surface of more than 90000 m2, which includes covered warehouses production plants and office spaces:
• Building area: 8000 m2;
• Concrete area: 24000 m2;
• Sheds area: 5000 m2.

The sawmill operates with its own modern saw equipment:
• 5 complete vertical sawing lines with vertical column, trolley and all the related wood processing equipment;
• 3 driers with a processing capacity of 750 m3/month;
• A canter sawing line;
• A dust exhaust system;
• A steam boiler;
• A steam chamber with a processing capacity of 120 m3/month;
• A scale with a weighing capacity of 100 tons;
• An antiseptic basin.

The company has a total sawing capacity of 3500 m3 of beech-wood per shift per month, but other kinds of wood can be processed and the sawmill may be used to develop production abilities to manufacture new products from wood. The sawmill is fully functional and all of the production is exported.

Having this in mind, they are willing to offer the entire equity stake of the company through an acquisition agreement. The company seeks a reliable foreign partners who will invest capital, human resources and know how in order to increase the quality of the products and who will invest in new sophisticated machines and technology.

Under this form of cooperation, the company offers both the company in its entirety (premises, factory, equipment), as well as the expertise, market experience, client network and contacts. The future partners should work in the wood processing industry, having knowledge of the process of manufacturing timber and also owners of lumber processing facilities that wish to extend their capacities.

Advantages & innovations

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One of the main advantages of the company is the lumber processing technique which they use: once the product is taken into the steamer, the thermal treatment begins, so that the quality of the timber improves while being stored at high temperatures. Therefore, the finished product has a reduced rate of internal stress and becomes brick-colored red, while its resistance towards mold is increased. Another important advantage consists in the superior quality of the wood from the western region of Romania, where the sawmill is situated. Furthermore, this specific area is rich in wood resources, so that the business can keep going on smoothly. The permanent concern for the manufacturing process is the main reason for the investments made by the company in modern equipment and facilities and have helped the company to build strong business relations. The company also managed to export their finished products in countries with tradition in the wood industry from the Middle East and Europe.

Partner sought

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The company is looking for investors interested in acquiring the sawmill facility. Potential partners should be related to the wood industry, having knowledge of the process of manufacturing timber or owners of lumber processing facilities willing to extend their production capacities. Under the acquisition agreement, the company expects from the partner to invest money and knowledge.

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SME 11-50,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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