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A Romanian company that produces and sells bodies for trucks, vans and other cargo vehicles seeks international businness partners under distribution services and manufacturing agreements

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Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
Other transportation
Manufacture of bodies (coachwork) for motor vehicles; manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers


The Romanian SME’s main object of activity is the construction of superstructures for trucks (bodies), especially refrigerators, and over the years, due to market requirements and accumulated experience, the range of products has evolved. The company is looking for long-term cooperation with foreign distributors on the basis of distribution services agreement and also, it offers its manufacturing services to foreign partners looking for such products.



Since 1994, the Romanian company that is located in the South-West Oltenia Region from Romania, has succeeded to establish high quality in it’s country regarding it’s field of activity, all these due to the competency and remarkable entrepreneurial skills of its management staff.
The company is equipped with the latest equipment, therefore in the near future the Romanian company will be able to start new projects so that it can enhance other business opportunities with products such as dump truck bodies, semitrailers, minibus and bus bodies, etc.
The Romanian company is looking for a distribution agreement in order to expand on the international market by offering innovative and high quality products. Also, the company is looking for foreign partners that are interested in ordering bodies for trucks, frigo trailers, vans and other cargo vehicles under manufacturing agreement.

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The company provides frigo trailers that can be used for e-commerce & retail transportation for food & beverage sectors, the frigo trailers can be ice-cooled, equipped with any one of a variety of mechanical refrigeration. Also, the company consistently develops its technological process, thus it is strengthening the company’s position through continuous investment in technologies and development of the human team.

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The company is looking for long-term cooperation with foreign distributors and companies that will act as an importer and that are able to sell their products to other markets in base of a distribution services agreement. The partner must be reliable and promote the product efficiently in its market. Also, the company is looking for partners that are in need of bodies for trucks, frigo trailers, vans and other cargo vehicles. Partner can be from any industrial sector. In this case, the collaboration will be based on a manufacturing agreement.