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Romanian company producing natural cosmetics based on saline water and sapropelic mud seeks distributors and commercial agents

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A Romanian cosmetics company is specialized in natural products made from naturally saline water and sapropelic mud, such as natural soap, massage oils and lotions, for muscular pain and skin hydration. The company seeks international partners in order to conclude distribution services and/or commercial agency agreements for their products.



The Romanian company was set up in 2011 and had developed a line of cosmetics based only on natural ingredients. The company uses natural resources – saline water and sapropelic mud – from the largest salt lake in Romania, as well as essential oils, shea butter, bees wax and different plants extracts to complement the main ingredients, in order to obtain a natural cosmetics line for various needs. The company’s products can be used for both personal use and for professional use, such as SPAs, balneary clinics etc.

The range of cosmetics produced by the company include:
- antirheumatic massage lotion, with naturally saline water and sapropelic mud, enriched with mineral salts and nutrients and various essential oils (mint, lavender, eucalypt), suitable for local muscle and joint pain relief, stimulating the tissue toning and circulation, calming and relaxing the muscles;
- natural soaps, based on sapropelic mud and naturally saline water, a wide range of soaps with various essential oils (olive, sunflower, argan, almond, grape seed, coconut, castor, lavender) and other ingredients such as red clay, vegetal butters, propolis and vitamin E, relieving rheumatic and muscular pain, relaxing and hydrating the skin, leaving it silky and moisturized;
- massage oils, based on castor oil, vitamin E, argan oil and enriched with essential oils, for various purposes: tonifying (cinnamon), energizing (mix of vegetal oils), nurturing (argan and avocado), therapeutic (mint), relaxing (orange and cinnamon) and for sun exposure (carrot, macadamia nuts, marigold).

They do not use chemical or artificial coloring, perfumes, additives or preservatives for any of their products. Natural factors such as the climate, the sapropelic mud and the naturally saline water have been at the core of what is now a well-known balneary and rehabilitation sanatorium where the properties of these resources are used for their beneficial effects on the body. The mud is rich in active organic and inorganic mineral components, formed by the decomposition of crustacea and algae. Sapropelic mud can treat chronic rheumatism, muscular pain, having beneficial effects on the skin. Research studies and clinical trials have found that it has a positive effect on treating respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, as well as infertility. The naturally saline water is extracted from the largest salt lake in Romania and is well-known nationally and internationally for its mineralization values. The naturally saline water has important levels of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, sulphates, potassium, bromine and does not contain iodine. The saline water has a balanced remineralization effect, the mineral salts and trace elements, having anti-radical, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic action.

The goal of the company is to access foreign markets in order to efficiently grow the business. Therefore, the company seeks international distributors and commercial agents, such as cosmetics shops, SPAs, pharmacies, natural products shops, as well as logistics providers for this kind of products in order to conclude partnership agreements. The future distributors should be able to introduce the cosmetics on their own local market. The potential commercial agents should be able to represent the company and its products locally.

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The company produces the range of oils, lotions and soaps in its own laboratory, conducting in-house research on the appropriate combinations of saline water, sapropelic mud and essential oils. The company uses the expertise of an Italian cosmetics' laboratory for the testing of their products. The cosmetics are based on natural ingredients, without any perfumes, additives, artificial coloring or preservatives. The use of sapropelic mud and naturally saline water make the products stand out among other similar cosmetics, due to extraordinary effects of the therapy on a large variety of diseases and disorders, which has been practiced in this region for hundreds of years. The products encapsulate the beneficial effects from the natural resources, thus making it easier to benefit from their action in one’s own home.

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The company is searching for international distributors and commercial agents. The potential partners should have knowledge of the cosmetics industry: cosmetics shops, pharmacies, SPAs, natural products shops. They can also be logistics providers for this kind of products. The partners should be able to distribute the cosmetics on their own local market; thus, it is preferred that the partner has a well-established network of customers. The distributors should make requests to the Romanian cosmetics producer when they receive an order for a specific product. In the framework of a commercial agency agreement, the partner should be able to represent the company and its products locally, integrating them in their own product portfolio.

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