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Romanian company seeks raw materials for production of funeral monuments and home decorations under supplier agreements

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A company based in Romania is looking for raw materials for carving ornate funeral monuments and interior/exterior vertical and horizontal decoration and design. The company is looking for international partners capable of providing granite, marble, travertine, chalk, and onyx, regardless of country of origin under supplier agreements.



From 2001 to date, the Romanian company focuses on providing artistically produced headstones and resting place decorations as well as design for homes.
The company offers a wide range of materials: granite, marble, travertine, chalk, and onyx, cut and finished differently depending on the project and the client's requirements.
While the primary services offered are carving funeral monuments and design of final resting places, the company also offers interior and exterior decoration and design by paving different vertical or horizontal surfaces with stones of varying degrees of finishing and polish. This may include but is not limited to paving of interior and exterior floors and furniture.
The specific stones are selected based on the client's color pallet request and the companies experience on the required resistance to erosion or impact, as such a wide range of prime materials are required.
By partnering with suppliers of the mentioned materials the company hopes to access the resources easier and faster under supplier agreements. This would also mean an improvement in the quality of the services provided to clients by having a greater range of available stones. Both the Romanian company and the cooperator are expected to provide clear and specific details regarding the materials on-demand or offered and possible delivery times.

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The company is interested in granite, marble, travertine, chalk, and onyx. The primary use of the raw materials is in the fabrication of ornate headstones, but the company offers kitchen and bathroom vertical and or horizontal decoration and design as well as interior and exterior paving.

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They would like to cooperate with companies capable of supplying granite, marble, travertine, chalk, and onyx through supplier agreements. Partners should provide specific information about the raw materials: packaging, quantity/ quality, size, thickness, availability, color palette, price, as well as possible delivery deadlines.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Decorated final resting place


Kitchen decoration


Interior pavement