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A Romanian company specialized in consulting services for imports from Asian countries is looking for partners to collaborate under subcontracting agreement

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The Romanian company offers specialized consulting services to companies who wish to import products from Asian countries. It offers them complete assistance in identifying suppliers, inspections, checking product quality and legislative advice. It is looking for EU companies to collaborate under subcontracting agreement.



The Romanian company has been present on the import consulting services market since 2007. The company has accumulate experience over time and has developed a network of professional collaborators at the international level.

The company has assisted business at imports between EU countries and other countries in the former USSR, North America or the import of products from South America. The company also deals with trade intermediate and import assistance from China.

The company has gradually developed, now having a team of professional employees, including locals living in Asia and speaking local languages.

The Romanian company offers a full range of specialized services for imports such as:

• identification and verification of suppliers based on customer requirements - the company conducts a study and will select the most efficient solution for the production or purchase of goods the customer needs;

• solving the quality problems of the products encountered by the customer - the company offers a complete service and assists the customer from the time he requests the price offer until the receipt of the goods. If he has a complaint, the company will solve any post-sales issues;

• assistance in reducing the general transport costs - the company offers to the clients consultancy regarding the customs formalities and the optimization of the transport costs;

• negotiation of prices and contractual clauses - the company provides legislative advice and conducts negotiations on behalf of clients regarding contractual clauses and cost reduction;

• visits and audits to factories in China - the company deals with factory inspection, research, audits during production, quality inspections and laboratory analysis;

• assistance for participation in fairs, as a buyer or producer who wants international exposure.

The Romanian company is aiming to act as a long-term partner in offering reliable support in import activities from Asian countries for EU partners who is active in the field of consulting services. It is looking for partners to collaborate under subcontracting agreement.

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The company has over 13 years of experience in providing import consulting services. The company has a network of professional collaborators at an international level. The team includes locals living in Asia and speaking local languages. The ability to understand the big gap between Western and Eastern culture. The Romanian company works with factories in China and can offer a permanent quality control and a certified inspection of the goods before shipment. Complete import support services that help with product procurement, supplier verification, quality control inspections, writing bilingual sales contracts, price negotiation, on-site inspections, factory troubleshooting, order consolidation and visits from works. The company offers customers the possibility of international exposure by facilitating their participation in trade fairs and exhibitions.

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Already on the market

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The company seeks EU partners regularly operating with Asia, or that are starting their activities with Asia, that are in needs of specific importer of record (IOR) and exporter of record (EOR) services to facilitate their administrative workload when ships goods between the EU and Asia. The Romanian company also is offering to become a subcontractor for EU partners operating as providers of consulting service for international imports / exports. The intended partnership should be a close relationship for both entities, that meet local regulatory requirements and that assume same standards of the quality of work, under subcontracting agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250