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The Romanian company specialized in the development of specific railway solutions, production and delivery of railway products, seeks EU partners to collaborate under manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

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Railway Transport
Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts


The Romanian company is active in the market of specific solutions to the railway sector. It develops, produces and delivers electrical systems for train management, command and diagnostics, communication systems and passenger information systems. It offers to manufacture products for EU companies under manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.



The Romanian company was founded in 2002 and specialises in solutions development, producing and delivering of specific products to the railway sector for national and international markets.

The company purpose is the modernisation of locomotives, rail cars, passenger coaches and rolling stock equipment aimed at reducing energy and fuel consumption, mechanising and automating orders, increasing product reliability and safety in rail transport.

The development of solutions and products are supported by three design compartments: electrical and automation, electronic and mechanical, with their laboratories.

The company has laboratories for electrical design and automation, electronic laboratory, mechanical design laboratory, etc. all aimed at satisfying the quality requirements of the client.

On the technological line, the company owns computer numerical control (CNC) machines for sheet processing, electrostatic field painting, surface-mount device (SMD) planting line, welding equipment, etc. The equipments allow the increase of production capacity and new products execution.

The company has the ability to design and model 3D, electrical design and automation, electronic design, software and hardware.

The products manufactured by the company for the railway sector are:
- displays for passenger cars;
- input-output modules;
- signal adapters;
- electric water heating systems;
- electrical and thermal systems of air heating;
- battery charging systems;
- electrical installations and automatic systems of multiple control and diagnosis;
- control desks for management positions.

The entire production of the company is based on research and innovation and is intended for companies of construction, modernisation and operation in the railway field, but with possibilities for expansion in other areas.

The Romanian company offers manufacturing agreements because have the capacity (technical or means) to produce specific products to the railway sector for partners who want to increase their production and do not have the necessary equipment for specific products.

The company also offers its subcontracting services to partners who are seeking subcontractors for manufacture specific products to the railway sector by order, under subcontracting agreements.

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- over 16 years of experience on national and international markets; - loyal and competent employees with research and development experience for railway solutions; - intellectual propriety for industrial design and models (patents); - well developed laboratories for testing, measuring and control; - research and innovation for the entire production of the company; - mechanisation and automation processes optimised for the of rolling stock vehicles control.

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Already on the market

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The potential partner is a small and medium company from the railway sector that produces railway equipment and is interested in collaborating under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. The Romanian company is willing to act as a manufacturer and to produce certain products or as a subcontractor for EU partners.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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